Nutrition Q&A: How to beat stress?

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This week’s answers:

1. Suggest a good diet plan for weight loss?how many calories we need to burn daily,how many intake we have to take for weight gym n walking good for weight loss?iam 29 yrs,173 cms n 83 kgs.
jayanthi ramesh
You need to reduce about 10kg to get to a desired body weight. You may need approximately 1800 kcal diet plan and a 30-40 minutes feasible exercise plan that you are able to follow daily. Both gym and walking are good. You may alternate so you do not get bored of doing one kind of exercise.

You can start on the 1500 kcal plan and add a fruit, 1/2 cup of rice and a chapathi extra to that. Cooking oil should not exceed 2 tablespoons a day.

If you wish to reduce 2 kg a month, then you need a 500kcal deficit daily.

Try this and let me know. I assume you do not have a hormonal or thyroid issue.

2. On Dealing with stress induced overeating: Nice article. Pl suggest a good eating habit. I m 51 yrs old. No cholestrol, no BP and no diabetes. Only suffering from nervous problem perhaps due to stress at work
Firstly eat on time and avoid irregular timings.
Secondly eat 4 different kinds of fruits a day (one must be an orange) and as much of vegetables as you can.
Totally avoid deep fried foods, instead have an ounce of nuts daily, whatever variety you like.
Not more than a cup of coffee a day.
All traditional snacks if not oily or deep fried are fine.
Good sweets to have are sesame seed laddu, peanuts sweet and such that are traditionally made of nuts or pulses.One of any kind a day.
A glass of milk or buttermilk fat free is a must daily, preferably at bedtime.
Keep dinner light and breakfast a sufficient amount.
Please find time to work out physically as it takes out a lot of stress and helps you relax – 20 min a day is enough.

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