Nutrition Q&A: How to gain weight fast

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This week’s answers:

1. I am suffered from Diabetes from last 18yars and HBP from last 1and half years. Now both R Normal in all times and occasionaly blood sugar and BP raises My weight is 62.7 kg and height is 160cms and age is 58 I think I may loose some more 5kg in WT.? Please give mehow much calorie of food I may taken per day I am vegeitarian and request you kindly give me a chart of food per day including breakfast Lunch and dinner per day ? Thanking U.
Firstly, I need to know your medications before planning a diet chart for you. Also if you send me your present eating pattern I will point out the quantity and quality of foods you need to improve. This will be a feasible and sensible strategy for you to adopt.
Secondly, you need to reduce only 2 kilos or try to maintain your weight at 60kg. For this you do not need a diet chart, but perhaps start some extra physical activity like 30 minutes of walking. Try this option before going on a diet.
Thirdly, since you a long term diabetic, I would like to know how good your kidney functions are.

2. Hello, mam….I’m 17 yr old male. My height is 5’8” and wt. is 50 kg; After checking my BMI i found it to be severly underweighted and since i will be applying for NDA, i am in serious need to gain wt. around 10-15 kgs! Plzz suggest me a fast and efficient remedy! I have started taking a wt. gainer supplement i.e; Universal nutrition’s -fast gain, will this product help me?……i want results, plzz help me!
You need to eat 3 snacks between 3 proper meals. Morning or evening snacks may be a glass of milk and one ounce of roasted nuts, or milk and 2 bananas or 12 dates. Bedtime snack may be a glass of fruit juice and a sandwich or 6 biscuits. Add Complan or Ensure powder 3 scoops to the milk. If you are smoking cigarettes, then stop because it will prevent from increasing weight. You should eat regular meals at specified times. Have rice for lunch and some kind of protein like meat/fish/poultry. Basically you need to eat more quantity at each meals too.

3. Pl suggest ways to specially reduce Triglicerides
H Krishnan
Avoid refined flours, sugars, desserts, juices, greasy or fried foods. Avoid alcohol.

4. I have low digestion power & do not able to digest Milk, Yogurt, potatoes, bakery products, Chinese food, fast foods, lentiles like chana. rajma, adad & sweets. I have question that can I able to digest goat’s milk ?
Upendra Patel
Intolerance to milk is very individual. You may need to try goat’s milk to see if it suits you. Have small amounts like a 100ml first to check tolerance. Alternatively you may try rice milk or soy milk.

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