Nutrition Q&A: How to get back in shape post pregnancy

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This week’s answers:

1. I am a college student and I am really worried with my weight issues and want to reduce my weight. I have started physical exercises like running and weight lifting.
But I need a diet plan to compliment my physical exercises so that I can loose my weight as soon as possible I have tried physical exercises before also but I think due to lack of a proper diet plan, I have failed to achieve the desired results.
Age : 23; Sex : Male; Height : 6 feet; Weight : 106 kgs; Location : Pilani

Please suggest me a suitable diet plan that can help me reduce my weight. Really looking forward to positive reply from your side.
Thanking You
The best for you would be a low fat diet plan and continue exercising for one hour daily. Both running and weight lifting are good so please continue. If you could mail me your daily eating plan I may be able to point out where you are going wrong. Anyway to start with, stop all fast foods, fried snacks and oily dishes.
No sugary soft drinks or juices. And all kinds of sweets.You may start the day with a good breakfast and then taper down the meals to a light dinner. If you can stick to just 3 meals a day do it.
If not eat fruits or salads as snacks. Perhaps this simple plan itself may help you reduce without a diet chart.
Your goal is to reduce one kilo every week. On weekends or holidays put in more exercise without overeating.
You may need to reduce about 15 to 20 kilos, so do not look for a quick plan.
2. I am 26 yr old. My weight is 58kg.please suggest me how to gain weight shortly.if is there any medicine, food supplement or diet chart.I just want to gain 8 to 10kg more.please suggest me the same.
You have not mentioned your height, so I really would not know if you do need to increase the desired weight. But if you wish to, then drink milk with any supplements like Complan or Ensure twice a day.
Eat 3 main meals and smaller meals in between. Some foods that can help you increase weight are nuts, bananas, grapes, all kinds of juices, milk and cheese, rice, potato. Please do some exercise for 15 to 20 minutes to build up an appetite.
3. hello parvathy ji i need ur help and advice iam 31 yrs old mother of a 5yr old child it was a ceserian and afer my pregnancy i put on weight nw iam 70 kgs my height is 5’2.iam a pure veggie no eggs i started exercising a month back before few months back i oined gym but due to some reasons i dialy routine is 1 cup tea with nutrichoice biscuits or a rusk, then later on any tiffin dosa, upma, khakra, etc.,then after 1 i have 2 or 3 dry rotis with more than a cup of veggies then in evening i have another cup of tea then at 8 i have my dinner dal rice, or khichdi etc., so i have fruit sometimes in morning or ta night so can u give me a ideal mela plan.sweets n savouries i eat rarely.pls help.
Early morning: 1 cup tea with low fat or skim milk and one tsp sugar (if needed)
Breakfast: 2 no oil dosa / one tea cup upma, khakra is high in oil. So perhaps reduce oil to a minimum or eat it only once a week. Khakhra is a healthy food but high calorie.
One fruit: apple, orange etc  in between meals.
Lunch: 2 dry rotis or one teacup rice with more than a cup of veggies and 1/2 cup dal (cooked in minimum oil), 1/2 cup yogurt non fat
Tea time:  cup of tea 2 tbsp nuts without oil or dry roasted
Dinner: 1 roti , salad, 1/2 cup yogurt, one fruit and 1/2 cup dal

You need more protein in your diet, and fruits and salads.

Try the above diet plus 45 minutes of any exercise. Buy an aerobics video and do it at home without fail. You need to reduce about 15 kilos to get back to shape.

Please give yourself 6 months time, but if you stick to a low fat diet and continuous exercise you will reach your goal. Keep a target date and work towards it.

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