Nutrition Q&A: How to lose weight if you can’t resist food

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This week’s answers:

1. i cant resist eatin but want to reduce weight so pls advice wat to do? im 21 yrs old

More than the diet plan it is the attitudes to eating that can help lose weight. You may try eating low calorie foods like salads and fruits when you feel hungry. Also eat enough protein to curb hunger. Do not take second helping and avoid oily foods. Start on a diet and watch your eating pattern. Makes it easier to understand your own body. You may feel a bigger hunger if you have any hormonal issues, so sort it out.

2. Really a diet for the Hypertensive obese and importantly to rich! who can afford a variety to choose from. what about Alcohol intake? any recommendations? so common to bust the job stress

Janardhan, what is given is a diet plan with food suggestions. You may vary the items to suit regional foods available, except the snacks. Seasonal fruits, vegetables and grains regionally used are not expensive. It is when you opt for packeted commercial foods like bran flakes and low fat cheeses, or vegetables like broccoli that are not traditional to our country that it becomes expensive. Also bran is a very cheap thing to buy should you choose to.

It makes sense to spend a few rupees extra on vegetables and fruits and thus avoiding spending thousands on medications and healthcare.

This article will be read by people all over (hopefully) and hence foods from the cheap guava to the expensive strawberries may be mentioned. Choose whatever is available in your region.

Exercise is a stress buster, not alcohol. Not more than 2 drinks a day.

3. Hi mam, It is nice article i liked the way of giving step by step advice. Mam could you plz send me a diet plan for a diabetic patitent, he is taking insulin for more then 5yrs, and i would like change his diet, he is just 40yrs old
Thanking you


Please send me his height, weight, present insulin dose and type of insulin, present diet plan, blood sugar and activity pattern. I will give you a diet. Why do you want to change the diet? Before you modify the diet check to see the sugar levels before and after food and at bedtime.

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