Nutrition Q&A: Hypothyroidism induced high cholesterol

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This week’s answers:

I am 54 years old and weigh around 51 kgs. My cholesterol level
is 250. I do not have any other problem except thyroid for which i
take tablets every day. Please advise me the diet i should
plan to reduce cholesterol level. I walk around 3 kms every day
after i came to know of my cholesterol level two months back.
Regards Rajalakshmi

I assume you have hypothyroidism. This condition increases cholesterol. You will have to manage it primarily by medication. As far as food is concerned avoid fatty fried foods, animal fats, commercial snacks, restrict eating at restaurants. Also eat more high fibre whole grain foods, vegetables, fruits (instead of sweets/desserts). Continue your walking. Please see this site for more info on cholesterol reduction.

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