Nutrition Q&A: Hypothyroidism? What to eat

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This week’s answer:

1. Does wheat roti in lunch, wheat ravva(Upma) in dinner and neembu paani with honey in the morning and oil less dosa in breakfast and 30 minutes walking in the morning help in reducing LDL ?
my LDL is 149,
No B.P and No Diabetes
Kindly suggest breakfast/ lunch and dinner diet i am an eggarian only.

You are doing fine, but please also include couple of fruits like guava, apple, pineapple, orange, etc. apart from the diet, if you are smoking stop it and if you are overweight, reduce weight with diet and one hour of exercise.

2. Can u suggest ways how to avaoid curd rice getting sour (pulithu pogamal irukaa) during long trail travel. request ur urgent advise, as we r planning a forty hours journey to north fm C’tore, by mid november. wbw….

Make the curd rice with rice and milk mixed with a little curds. So it turns into curds during the travel. This way the curd does not turn sour.

3. Age 68 yrs, serum creatnine 2.29 on 10.10.2012, 2040 on 18.10.2012 How it can be reduced. Thanks.Rajkumar

Rajkumar are the figures correct? Especially 2040 on 18th October?

4. Hi Mam, Please tell me which oil is better to use for regular life.

Brinda Arun

Please read my article on healthy cooking oils

5. Hi madam, my husband triglycerides is slightly elevated and hdl cholestol is comparitively low .for this what type of diet change i need to do
give your valuable advise


If tgl is only slightly elevated, small changes like stopping sugars or fried foods will help. Exercise of moderate intensity and losing weight if overweight will help in increasing HDL. Also, avoid sugars, sweets, desserts, fast foods, fried commercial snacks, refined flours, soft drinks, red meat. Eat fish 3 times a week if he is a non vegetarian. Eat more fibre like whole wheat rotis, ragi, corn, legumes, fruits, all kinds of vegetables and nuts.

6. hi, recently I was checked my cholesterol level is as follows:HDL-60,LDL-160,triglycerides -101,Total I m little afraid of these readings plz suggest me how to reduce my totall cholesterol and LDL.i think rest of those are fine.note: my diet is every day beef,chicken breast, tuna fish more veggies and fruits.i take fish capsules and flax seed powder.i workout daily but no cardio. When i came to know my cholesterol Level I started 3days cardio almost sprint in a week for 45 minutes.plz give me some health tips to reduce excess cholestrol-sujay

Sujay Arya

Totally avoid red meat and have fish more often. No fried foods, maida, mayonnaise, butter, ghee, rich sweets and desserts, avoid eating out. If you drink alcohol, avoid. If you smoke, stop. Being overweight also leads to high cholesterol so try to be at ideal weight. I think with these changes and the extra exercise you are doing, you should be able to get good results. Check your cholesterol after 6 weeks of consistently following the guidelines.

7. Good day Madam I am 45 years old, weigh 89 kg and I am 1.6 m in height. I suffer from hypothyrodism and I am currently on Eltroxin. I also take 4 Prednisone daily for a skin disorder. Please suggest a weight loss menu. I am currently walking 3 times a week and I have cut out the sugar. I cook my foods with olive oil and I don’t eat bread. I eat brown basmati rice and a lot of salads. Please help me. I am from South Africa.
Kind Regards,

R Moodley

You need much more effort in exercising than normal since you have a lower metabolic rate due to hypothyroidism. So concentrate on walking 5 times a week to daily for 60 minutes. You may split this into twice a day if you do not have time for one long session.

Being on Prednisone, you need to increase protein foods and lower carbohydrates. Go for lean meat, beans, tofu,soya as protein options, avoiding red meat.

How much oil you use is important since excess calories from any kind of oil will increase your weight. So reduce intake of olive oil to 30 gm per day. Bake, steam, pan grill foods with minimal oil. Use lemon or vinegar dressing on salads, or any other oil free ones.

Reduce intake of the rice and increase protein food instead. Eat only fruit between meals or fat free milk or yoghurt.

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