Nutrition Q&A: Improving bone strength in menopausal women

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This week’s answers:
1. Dear madam, my daughter has a tendency to put on weight easily, ht is 4 feet 9, wt is 52 kgs. age is 13 years. should i cut her oil/dairy intake?

This is the growth spurt period when teenagers put on a lot of weight. She has to be careful in eating the right foods at this period of time. Yes you can control oil in cooking, restrict eating out/fast foods, provide fatfree/low fat dairy products, encourage more vegetables and fruits and discourage sweets and fried snacks. She should also find some physical activity to do on a regular basis. This helps both weight management and is said to protect from hormone related cancer.

2. hi. pl suggest foods to improve bone strength in menopausal women.

Go for foods that contain Vit D and calcium like fat free milk/yoghurt, low fat cheese, small fishes, soya, molasses, green leafy vegetables and others like okra, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, peas, fruits like oranges, papaya, figs, legumes, ragi, nuts etc. Weight bearing exercises will also increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
Avoid salty foods.

3. my son is 14yrs old but has long sight of +0.5. the doctor said he should be given lot of protein and outdoor activity. we are vegetarian but i give my son eggs. is there any other diet to cure this?
I am not aware of any diet that will cure hyperopia (longsightedness). If the doctor has said to give him proteins it must be for other reasons.

4. dear parvathy. i have been drinking lime juice with warm water on empty stomach every morning last 1 year. have lost only 2 kgs. walk a lot also. should i add honey to the lime juice?
I do not advocate lime juice as a therapy for losing weight.

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