Nutrition Q&A: Is microwave cooking safe?

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Parvathy, thank you for ur tips on cholesterol. pl tell me if it ok to take a tsp of ghee everyday, i have no cholesterol problem now but heredity is there.
It is alright to have a tsp of ghee daily if it is part of a generally low fat / high fiber diet and a physically active lifestyle. Look at the larger picture here. If you are eating a lot of foods that contain saturated fats, then this one tsp of ghee becomes part of that bad fat content. If on the other hand you are a healthy eater, one tsp of ghee will not harm you.

2. hi. i am planning to purchase microwave. i hear different reports abt micro cooking, healthy, unhealthy. i would like to know if there is nutrition loss in micorwave cooked food.

As with all methods of cooking, microwave cooking also causes nutrition loss but to a lesser extent. What you should be worried about are other issues like killing of bacteria and using microwave safe utensils for cooking.
· Cover and cook so that the bacteria is killed.
· Mix the food half way through cooking or heating.
· After the microwave stops let it sit as it will still be finishing off the cooking like in a pressure cooker.
· Use microwave safe vessels and do not use plastics that may melt if used. The harmful substances in plastic may leak into the food.
· Cook vegetables until just done (not overcooked) to retain nutritive value.

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