Nutrition Q&A: Is rice bran oil good for you?

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This week’s answer:

1. Mam, we have been using rice bran oil for the past 6 yrs. The different types of oil you have mentioned in your article does not show rice bran oil. Someone told us that using this oil, one could drastically reduce the TG levels. Is it true?


Yes rice bran oil is one of the best to use. But TG levels are best reduced by avoiding sugars and oily foods. Reduce your weight if your TG levels are high, avoid sweets, sugared drinks, fried foods and continue using rice bran oil.

2. Hello m’am,I used to go to gym and have good athletic body type , but since I left the gym my tummy start showing my laziness ,though I have started running again for around 3km and bit weights would it be enough.

Also my daily diet plan is: Oats with skimmed milk in morning , lunch – Dal + Sabzi + 5 Chapatis , Dinner – one Sprouts bowl + 2 chapatis

M not a right track , please suggest I want to see my Tonned body again.

If you have put on weight then you need to reduce your weight for the tummy fat to go. Do your exercises daily or at least 5 times a week and for 45 minutes to one hour. Please tell me your weight, height, gender and age so that I can know if your eating right amount of food or more.

3. Hi, I am sridhar 30 years old workin in Night shift job. I walk 30-45 minutes daily but just 15 mins after dinner. Shall i continue walking at this time?

Yes, if it is helping you get the results for whatever reason you are doing it or keeping you fit and gives you a sense of feeling good after the exercise, then continue. But if the walking is giving you stitches in your abdomen, then wait for an hour after eating to go for your walk. Each person can decide his convenient time to exercise.

4. I am 92kg weight age-44 hight 6feet i do gym so you will kindlyy sujestion for weight loss & muscle increase

Ashok Mahapatra

Keep away from fried foods, sugared drinks, fast foods, commercial snacks and rich desserts. Choose to eat more fruits, vegs, good proteins from lean meat, low fat milk, legumes, nuts. Go for fibre foods like corn, wholewheat,ragi. Avoid refined flour products. you may need to exercise for an hour to reduce weight. Hope you have done a complete blood profile before you started gym workout.

5. Name: Jawad

Age : 23

Weight : 78

Hieght : 5,11″

Cholestrol overall : 332

I was suffering from high cholestrol level from last two years, i consulted the doctor near to my home, and start getting medicine( Lipiget, lispril). I didnt take medicine regularly and left it.

But i have the habit of exercise for running 3 KM a day and a good body physic. Still my cholestrol level is the same as before .. I dont want to get medicine i just want it to reduce by some natural way.

Please suggest me some thing if you can. This high level of cholestrol is in my genetics.

Abdullah jawad

Jawad, go back to taking your medication. If it is hereditary, then this means excess cholesterol is being made by your body. Regular exercise and good eating will help you only to an extent. You should definitely not stop your medicine. It is not safe for you to do strenuous exercise without taking medicine to reduce cholesterol.

Follow guidelines given in my article How to reduce cholesterol in the Indian diet – stop smoking, continue exercise and daily medication use the right kind of oils for cooking – olive oil, peanut oil, rice bran oil are the best for you.

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