Nutrition Q&A: Is rice porridge good for diabetics?

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This week’s answers:

I am 75 years old. I want to have kanji as night meal on a regular basis. Is it advisable from the nutritional angle. I am a borderline diabetic. Does kanji aggravate blood sugar level?
Wheat/ragi/barley kanji is more nutritious than rice kanji. Important also is what you have with it and the quantity. If it is taken with some source of protein like milk or pulses it should be fine.

Please suggest some Veg breakfast for the children from age 4 yrs to 12 yrs which will be helpful to build the physical fittness and will imporve the diet.
You can give kids of this age any of the vegetarian breakfasts that is traditional to your region. Refer the best breakfasts article. Apart from this milk is mandatory for growing children. If it is possible to eat an egg a day that would add to the protein quality for the vegetarian diet.

hello mam, i am 27 yrs and started wheezing since last 6 months especially in cold weather. is there any specific foods to avoid for asthma? my doc told me to stop cold food/drink only. Please guide
You need to avoid specific foods only if you have been diagnosed as allergic to it. Wheezing can be due to other factors that cause allergy like pollen, dust, woollen clothes, animal hair, etc. Yes, it is prudent to drink warm beverages and water and avoid cold foods like ice cream.

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