Nutrition Q&A: Losing weight naturally is best

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This week’s answer:
1. Dear Dr. Parvathy R Krishnan Recently lot of people using HERBAL LIFE product to reduce weight drastically.
How far is it good for health in the long run.
Myself aged 41, height is 5.5, weight aprox. 97-98 kg, i know i am over weight
I don’t follow any regular diet, but do not consume sweets, milk products, chocolates, cool drinks, but once in a while 15 days or month consume drinks (beer/whisky), use green Tea/black Tea, black coffee one time daily, try to have fibre food daily at home, non-veg weekly once/twice 1 time at home, no outside food.
nature of work : Sitting
Can i use the product of Herbal Life to reduce weight.
Please suggest, i am from Hyderabad, India


You can easily reduce weight with exercise and eating lesser than usual. It is best to reduce naturally. Depending on one particular thing (product or food item) is not a long term solution. You seems to be following some good habits in eating. All you need to do is to exercise 45 minutes daily.

2. Dear mam, This is Vinit raj, I have some hair loss problem due to some nutrition problem. mam i lost lots of hair and my hair skin also itching during hair fall. so please suggest me a better nutrition pack that facilitate to me to check my hair fall problem.
Vinit Raj

You need to see a dermatologist to take care of the itching. You are losing hair because of this and not vice versa. Eat good protein foods, drink milk, eat nuts, fish, whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables and water.

3. Hi, I am 93 Kgs and my height is 1.72 Mts i.e 5.8.i think i am overweight above 20 Kgs. Can you please suggest best diet i need to follow.
Kindly help me in this regard

Vamsi Krishna

You have not mentioned your age or your lifestyle. You can start by cutting down on rice, avoiding fried foods and sweets and eating more vegetables and fruits. Exercise 45 to 60 minutes daily or 4 times a week. Do get back to me after a week on these changes.

4. madam, I am 48 years. my blood cholesterol reports is HDL:40 LDL:169 Total cholesterol is240 triglycerides -150. I do walk for 30- 40 min at least 4 days a week.i am a pure vegetarian. no ghee and coffee once or twice in fortnight. please advise me food I have to take.


Give me more details like your weight and height, what kind of oil you use to cook and what foods you eat. Your exercise is good. Continue. Increase fibre in your meals.

Add flax seeds one tablespoon to your rice or yoghurt. Eat one tablespoon of nuts daily

Use only whole grains and fat free milk and buttermilk.

Avoid sweets and desserts.

If you are overweight you need to reduce weight. The tips in the article Home remedies to reduce cholesterol will also help.

5. Please write an article about Gluten free foods & lifestyle!

Thanks in advance!

Yes, sure. Thank you for the tip.

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