Nutrition Q&A: Managing weight in diabetics

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Parvarthy, I am 36yrs old and weighing 50 kgs, from the last 1 year I am actually feeling my weight being shrinking as I can feel my trousers being loose,etc. though my weight has invariably been intact for the last 2 years. I have done my blood test/ thyroid test but everything is normal. I have taken a second opinion from another doctor but its all normal, what could be the actual reason for my weight loss?

Muriel, your question is not clear. Your weight is “shrinking” or only your measurements? If it is only in inches and not actual weight perhaps there is no reason to worry. But if you are losing weight unintentionally then it is most definitely due to an underlying medical condition that needs to be investigated. There are whole lot of conditions that cause unexplained weight loss including depression and malabsorption (diarrhea). So see a general physician.

2. can u explain how the fat burning foods works? im not convinced.
Yes, Partho it is not convincing. Because if certain foods could actually burn fats then obesity would be easily solved. But what is meant by the term “fat burning foods” is that they are low calorie and high fibre or high protein thus helping in losing weight easily as compared to high calorie foods.

3. my father is diabetic last 12 yrs. he BS is under control but he is putting on weight now. could you pl help.
Sometimes with optimal blood sugar control a small weight increase is seen.

But if he is continuously increasing beyond his desirable weight, then he needs a reassessment of his medications vs food intake. It could be because he is on a higher than needed dose of medication to control BS which is making him hungry and therefore eating more. Depending on his desired weight, food and therefore medication need to be adjusted.

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