Nutrition Q&A: Protein drinks not a requirement for weight loss

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Mam,I am Teja, 37 years, 63 kg, 5.3 height I am suffering severe Gastic and/or Acidity. Too much farting approximately in every 30 minutes. I just started yoga 1 hour 3 days a week. Since last 1week I controlled my diet to only steam vegetables I.e. broccoli, papaya, bringal, sweet patato and rice. Pls suggest for me what food I should take. I really scared to take any kind of food.

Teja, you need to see a gastroenterologist to see if there is an underlying issue like ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel syndrome before you make changes in your diet. Meanwhile continue yoga. And try to do some walking also for the other days. Even 20 minutes will help. Eat your meals on time, don’t skip meals, eat slowly chewing well, and avoid oily foods and vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower.

2. Sir/Madam, My AMH level is 1.2,,, how to increase the AMH level? FSH is 11.52, LH is 8.01 and Estradiol is 25.78. what type of food i have to take? shall i have watermelon while we r trying for having a baby. Please guide me properly and if necessary kindly mention the medicine names. My Marriage has done on 10th june 2009.
Mrs. Rajashri Bhat.
You need to eat a healthy balanced diet with enough vitamins, minerals and protein. Watermelon is fine.

3. Madam, whether steamed horse gram water daily a cup reduces body weight.If so does it reduce fat from our body and wat r ur views on various company protein health drinks For wt loss remedy?
No single food can reduce weight. Protein drinks are not a requirement for weight loss.

4. I have some lactose Intolerance. If I drink full glass of Milk than I have Diearea. Can you suggest me some foods for Weight gain. I also have same problems with Nuts, Figs, Legumes.
Panner is easily digestive then milk ? I read online about Whey Powder it is easily Digestible ?
Upendra Patel
Drink milk in smaller amounts. Curds and paneer are better digested.

5. i m harshita , my mother is 39 years old , my mother cholestrol level is very high , my motheris very fat , what she should do ? she is in danger …… is it possible to decrese cholestrol ? is it going to affect iin my mother future ……..? plese help me …
Yes she needs to reduce cholesterol and weight. Both are health risks especially as one ages.

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