Nutrition Q&A: Reducing cholesterol with diet

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This week’s answers:

1. I am 26. I am overweight near about 20kg. I daily go to gym and also play badminton.
I want to lose weight in 6 months. What can I do in diet?


Avoid fried foods, fast foods, sweets and commercial snacks. Avoid chocolates, sugared juices, soft drinks. Sports drink one a day or a glass of fresh orange juice after work out is fine. Otherwise eat fruits, lots of salads and vegetables. Grill, steam or bake fish/chicken or meat. Eat a light dinner. Space your meals and eat 3 meals with fruits as snack in between.

You should work out an hour daily to reduce 3 kilos a month.

2. My Cholestrol is 262,LDL=197,HDL is within range,What should I take diet to decrease the chelostrol?

abdul qayyum

Avoid red meat, skin on chicken, liver, fatty cuts of meat, fast foods, hotel foods that are oily, cream, butter, ghee and fried foods. Eat grilled items. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid refined flour. Choose whole grain. Soak lady’s finger or methi seeds over night and drink the water first thing morning. Restrict egg to 3 a week. Exercise. Use good oils for cooking like sunflower, olive, mustard, etc.

Avoid juices and instead eat whole fruits. Use only fat free milk, curds.

3. my mother colestrol hdl 115 and ldl 223 serum triglycerides is 740 and serum cholesterol495. suggest me percsions


She needs medication to control the lipids. Also refer to the article How to reduce cholesterol in the Indian diet.

I hope she has seen a physician. This could be hormone related.

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