Nutrition Q&A: Reducing high cholesterol levels

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This week’s answers:

1. I am having high level cholesterol of 598 points which i have recently checked up at Chennai. I am pure vegetarian, age is 53 plus, daily yoga etc will do for 20 to 30 minutes. I job covered up little bit of tension able ….. whether in the office or house.
Right now i will take care of my diet by avoiding coconut, curd, oil etc. Please give me some tips to reduce the same because every one stunned at me hearing the same.

Normally when the cholesterol is so high it is due to increased cholesterol production by the liver or inefficient removing of it from the cells. Please read my article on how to reduce cholesterol. It will give you answers to your doubts on diet. But most importantly you need medication to control cholesterol.
You can use curd made from fat free milk. Use good oils like sesame, olive, sunflower instead of totally avoiding oil.

2.My HDL is between 35 & 42; Blood Sugar Fasting is 211; I have switched to the following diet:
Morning One cup Yogurt (Dahi) Raita of A(Tomato Cucumber Onion) or B (Bottle Gourd – Ghiya); Lunch Missi Chapati, Daal, Vegetable,Dinner Ditto. Is this right?

Please see a dietician and get a proper diet based on your age, weight, height, medications and blood results. What you are eating now is not a balanced diet. Neither is it possible to follow long term.

3. Madam I m a caterer i want to know how much calorie in which particular food . and what type of food to serve in hospital
Dilip Kumar Tamang
A hospital will serve regular or normal food for those who eat regular meals. The calories are decided based on the region’s dietary recommendations. Then different diets for diabetics, heart patients, pre/postsurgical diets, paediatric, gastro diets etc are so many of the numerous diets you may need which is beyond the scope of this site.
There are nutrition books that will give you calories of foods of the region that you work in. Usually the dietitian of the hospital is involved in developing the diets.

4. This seems like a great plan and I would like to adopt it but I would be most grateful if the Author would be kind enough to modify it a little (add/delete items or quantities thereof) keeping in view that there are so many people like me who have some ailments which are aggravated by the kind/quantity of food taken. I myself am a Type 2 diabetic plus I have undergone by-pass surgery in 2002 and angioplasty in 2009. So the diet I take has to be low cholesterol and sugar free. I am 68 years of age and otherwise healthy and mobile. Also what fruits a diabetic can take?

NP Dwivedi

The 1500kcal diet plan includes low fat low cholesterol and high fibre foods which are healthy for anyone to follow. But your calories need to be calculated according to your height, age and weight and activity level. Men may actually eat higher than 1500 kcal/day.
All fruits in small quantities are good to eat even if diabetic. Please read my articles on diabetes. Hope it helps.

5. really like the diet plan i am 57 my wt is 102 kg with dm… controled and bp and 2 stents in 2003, i go walk 1.5 km daily but to my amputation through knee very difficulty to long walk.. pl.advise
If you are not on insulin you may actually try the 1500kcal plan. If you are on insulin you will need a diet with more accurate planning. What is your height? Are you on insulin?

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