Nutrition Q&A: Set short term, achievable goals

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This week’s answers:

1. age- 28, sex- Male, height-171, weight -84.5, location- Delhi I WANT TO KNOW THE REQUIREMENTS FOR MY BODY AS I WISH TO REDUCE WEIGHT AND I CANNOT GO ON A CRASH DIET.
Aditya, your weight should be 70kg. You could go on a 2000 kcal diet and exercise daily to burn 300 kcals to gradually get to your desired weight. I suggest you set short term goals that are achievable, for eg, get your weight down by 10% in 3 months time. You can do this by stopping all fried foods, sweets, desserts, sugared beverages, parathas and anything greasy. Reduce portions of rice, rotis. Eat lots of vegetables, have fruits and protein foods like lean meat, dals, fat free milk, yoghurt etc as usual.

2. My Age 28, Sex : Male, Height : 5.11, Weight : 85, Location Bangalore. Kindly suggest how to reduce Belly.
Warm regards
Exercise if you are not doing so. If your work requires long hours of sitting then doing exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles can help reduce the flabbiness. Eat a light, early dinner and avoid excessive eating of rice. Pull in your tummy while you walk or climb stairs. Seems like you are few kilos overweight. You could try to keep your weight below 80kg. Reducing the extra 5 kg will effectively reduce waist size.

3. My height is 160cms. and weight is 62kgs. I have sugar from last 18 years and and HBP from last 9 months. I have taken Allowpathy tablets Gynase MF 2 daily and LOSAR_ H one per daily. I Used Aswagandha tablets daily 2 morning and evening ND DIETALSO DONE. BRISK WALK FOR 25 MINUTES DAily and ups and down stair case for 18 steps 25 times and addition to this walk 4 kms throught day. My stomach is 35” I want to reduce my weight by 5or 6 kgs. Request kindly needful guidelines.
Nagesh, your weight is fine. Perhaps reduce another 2 kg and maintain your weight at 60 kg but 5 to 6 kilos is unnecessary if blood sugar and pressure are under control. You have not mentioned your age. Your exercise pattern is good. Add abdominal exercises to reduce waist. Take your hip measurement. Keep the ratio of waist to hip (waist divided by hip) below 0.9. This is more important that reducing overall weight right now.

4. I am 61 years and was 88 KGs in Feb 11. I underwent a surgery for Haematoma when I was advised to reduce weight. Now I am 80 KGs, ht 5ft 6&1/2 inches and seems to be stuck here. Once I was a fan of fried foods like samosa/mirchi bajiya etc which are avoided since March 11. I take Green tea in the morning, Oats porridge for BF, 2 fulkas with subzi for lunch, poha/upma etc for dinner. Rice is almost avoided. Pl advise.
Yes, it is quite common to get stuck at a plateau after a successful weight loss process. This is called the set point where the body refuses to burn more calories. At this point, the promising strategy that can help is exercise. Increase your exercise or change the type of exercise you are doing now. Body gets trained by doing the same kind of exercise, so try something else.

Your food intake seems to be okay assuming the oil used in cooking does not exceed 25 ml/day. Keep following the diet and exercise and you will eventually reduce further weight though it may not be as fast as the initial drop. Also, a desirable body weight is what you should practically aim for not an ideal weight.

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