Nutrition Q&A: Tips for PCOS weight loss

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This week’s answers:

1. Hi Doc, I am 27 years old and I weigh 138 lbs.I am a complete vegetarian.I have PCOS problem due which I had put on the extra 20-22lbs weight.I want to reduce the weight now.I am now in US and for this I am doing Yoga at home and also walking at least for 1 hr on foot or 30mins cardio on thread mill.Please suggest me nutritional intake which can help me shed off the extra weight.


Meena, you have not mentioned if the exercise routine has helped you lose weight. Please note you need one hour of exercise daily. When you choose your foods, please go for protein foods over carbs. That is eat more dal and reduce rice. Have only a fistful of rice for lunch or one or 2 small rotis but fill up with salads, vegetables and dal. Drink fat free milk, yogurt and avoid all fats and fatty fried foods. Keep your dinner light with perhaps bran flakes and milk and fruit or a fruit smoothie.

Controlling hunger might be an issue and when you feel hungry go for fruits or high fibre crackers (granola bars) that come within 100 calories. Avoid sugar, sweets, deserts, condensed milk, cream, butter, sugared drinks, basically simple sugars.

Have only whole grain products.

2. Hello, I am 52, 188.8 cms and 100 kg. In a day I have 6 rotis / 2 bowls of dall / salad & 1 bowl of curd. I take tea without sugar 5-6 cups as I work mostly at night (10 pm – 6 am). In between I pop roasted poha + roasted groundnuts (50 gm) and drink 4-5 litres of water. My question is when should I exercise and what food should I drop to lose weight (mostly around tummy). Thanks


You are eating fine. Just avoid fried or greasy foods . Best time to exercise is evening when the body’s metabolism drops. I would suggest around 6pm.

3. i m 29 yrs old ,my weight is 86 kgs. i work in chemical industry. i want to loose wt up to 26 kgs. Because i m tired while walking. i m vegeterian from north india 7 lives in mumbai. plz suggest me breakfast, lunch 7 dinner & no. of times to take. also swimming will be prfer or gym.


I need to know your height if I have to suggest diet. You could start by avoiding oily foods, commercial foods and sweets. Eat 3 meals and fruits in between meals.

4. Hi,, I’am Hiya, 27yrs old, doing job in a leading pvt. co. My height is around 5″ and weight is approx 68 kgs..
I need to loose fat aggressively. just for your info.. i’m maintaining the following routine to loose fat / weight..
Morning : 01 cup of black tea with 02 tablets of Sugar free (to avoid sugar, i take sugar free tablets)
breakfast : 01 bowl curd and 01 cucumber & 01 onion
lunch (at office) : 01 bowl rice / 03 pcs. roti / 4 pcs. bread and 01 cucumber
Dinner : 02 roti & 3 chicken stew..

I maintain drinking plenty of water on regular basis..  but still unable to control my fat / weight.. can you pls advise me something more effective???
You need to exercise 1/2 hr daily . Try the following:

Morning : 01 cup of black tea with 02 tablets of Sugar free
breakfast : 01 bowl curd and 01 cucumber & 01 onion
mid morning : one orange or apple
lunch (at office) : 1/2 bowl rice / 02 pcs. roti / 2 pcs. bread, salad, dal curry and 01 cucumber
Dinner : 01 roti  , chicken stew, one fruit, a bowl of salad.

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