Nutrition Q&A: Tips to reduce chubbiness on face

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I am a 36 year old male working in an IT firm. My details are:
Height: 177 cms
Weight: 95 kgs

I want to shed 10-12 kgs .I usually don’t exercise now but I used to be anactive person earlier (used to walk a lot & do gym). I don’t put sugar in
tea/coffee. My eating style is a follows:

Breakfast : 1 small bowl cornflakes (no sugar)
Lunch : 4 roti/egg/veg curry or rice (minimum qty)
Evening (4 pm) : Tea I reach home around 7.15 pm and may take tea with some snacks
Night (9.45 pm) : 3 roti/egg/veg curry or rice (minimum qty)

I need an exercise plan and a healthy diet to lose weight. I used to
maintain a weight of 77 kg till 6 years before. Please advice on a diet
that suits my lifestyle.

navaneeth m nair

Please find the modified diet.

Breakfast : 1 small bowl branflakes or oats (no sugar)with fat free milk

Lunch : 2 dry roti/egg/veg curry or rice (one and half tea cup cooked) and one fruit
all curries cooked with minimum oil. No fried foods.

Evening (4 pm) : Tea 6 almonds or 2 walnuts or one tablespoon boiled peanuts, Around 7.15 pm green tea , One fruit – apple or orange or guava or 3/4 cup pineapple or papaya or 1/2 grapefruit.

Night (9 pm) : 2 roti dry / 1/2 cup dal curry / Green salad. NO rice
Please exercise 1/2 hour daily for 2 weeks and increase to 45min thereafter.

Hello Dear Parvathy Radhakrishnan,

Greeting for the day !

Please find the below info of my wife(Home maker).

Age : 30 yrs
Sex : Female
Height : 5.3
Weight : 75 Kgs
Location : Tolichowki(Hyderabad)

Apart from the above, she will have non-veg(hyderabadi biriyani/chicken/
fish) thrice in a week. Pls. suggest the best diet for her to shed 10
kgs ASAP.

Thanks & Regards


Khaleel, please ask your wife to read

All oily foods like biryani should be stopped or eaten only once a month. Minimum oil should be used in cooking. And fried foods should be avoided. She also needs to be physically active.


I am Kunal Mhatre,Age-30, Weight -68 Kg, Height- 5.6 ,

I am going to Gym from last 1 month and workout for 1 n Half Hour daily, My Office Time is 9.30 to 6.00

I have a problem of Double chin and Chubby cheeks. There is lot of fat on
my face .I just want to get rid of them.

Please help me on diet and exercise.

kunal Mhatre

Kunal, usually when you reduce a bit of weight chubbiness of face is reduced. You may want to reduce about 2 kilos for this. Your weight is within normal upper range now so do not try to reduce drastically. So eat less fatty foods, drink lots of water and get enough sleep. You may need to do facial exercises specifically to reduce double chin.

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