Nutrition Q&A: Typhoid? What to eat

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This week’s answers:

1. My hubby is having a high cholestrol from approx 10-12 yrs. His triglyicids is 360 which is really very high. I want him 2 opt an healthy schedule so i want sum healthy n effective schedule 4 him. Hoping 4 gud advises soon.
You have not mentioned his age, weight, height or if he is on medications. He will need to correct triglycerides with medications. He needs to reduce sweets, fried or oily foods, alcohol to reduce tgl. Certain medications can also increase triglycerides so a visit to the doctor to sort this out is advised.

3. hi mam i am 42 yrs. now i am 93kg and hight is 6″1. i want to reduce my weight. i am a news paper agent. so i will getup early morning 2.45am. i went to sleep inbetween 12p.m. to 1.30p.m.regularly and night sleep time is 9.30p.m.
Please start your day with a good breakfast. After that eat less quantity for lunch and dinner. Avoid oily foods, fried dishes, snacks and rich sweets and desserts.

Lunch can be 2 cups of cooked rice with dal and vegetables cooked with minimum oil. 1/2 cup fat free or low fat curds. Toasted pappads if desired.

Tea or coffee in the evening

7.30 pm 3 dry chapatis with dal / channa/ rajma etc , 1/2 cup curds, and salad (even a small raw carrot is fine if no other raw vegetables are available.

One fruit at bedtime.

3. hi! one of my friend has typhoid.can you suggest foods & drinks to be taken in this situation?

Lots of fluids to correct the dehydration. Have enough fruit juices, fruits, vegetables and all foods to recuperate from the weight and nutrients lost.

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