Nutrition Q&A: Use a mix of oils while cooking

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This week’s answers:

1. Madam, I am 40 years old male person. My Hight is 5′.6? and Weight is 66 Kg. Since last one year I am going to Gym and I am doing Body Building Exersises daily for 90 Mnts. My diet is as under:

Morning: 1) One Banana – Before going to Gym.
2) 5 White Eggs & Milk with Protin Powder after Gym.

Lunch: Rice with Veg Curries or Fry.

Dinner: Rice, Banana and Milk with Protin Powder.

I request you to kindly suggest me that my above mentioed diet is ok or should I change some thing?.


I do not see fruits in your diet other than banana. After work out add a citrus fruit to your meal of egg whites and protein mix. Best is orange.

At dinner, have a different fruit other than banana. Also vary your carbs. For instance have phulka rotis or whole grain pasta at dinner time.

Add green salads.

I assume your food is not oily or fried since a lot of oil/fat in the diet will undo whatever you do at the gym.

Drink lots of water throughout the day.

2. Hi i am diet i take only tea and i skip my lunch then i do 15 minutes of aerobics and then 25 minutes of brisk walk and at dinner i take one n half roti with fast will i loose weight

This is not a diet. This is starvation. With this kind of eating you will reduce your weight, your hair, reduce bone strength, become anemic, and generally feel and look miserable. Please eat properly a balanced low fat high fibre diet and then we will talk about reducing weight.

3. Its using New Saffola Gold Blended Edible Vegetable Oil recommaded?|
It is a blend of safflower and rice bran oils and may be recommended for use in cooking. But best is to switch oils and to use 2 kinds daily. For example, use saffola and mustard. Choose any brand that labels as trans fat acid free.

4. Hi Madam, I am 45 yrs old. Height 1.6 m, weight is 88kgs. I suffer from hypothyroidism and I’m currently on .1mg + .05mg Eltroxin / day. I also take ayurvedic medication for eczema. I exercise 30 minutes a day and I don’t eat any products with white flour. I am struggling to bring the weight down. Please send me a healthy eating plan also take into account the eczema.
R Moodley
South Africa
I need further details to give you a planned diet. Do you mean you do not eat flour with gluten when you say white flour? Please send me some detail of your eating pattern, habits and allergy so I can correct your eating.

30 minutes of exercise may not be enough. Increase gradually to one hour every day done at a stretch or split.

You are definitely in need to reduce weight. Meanwhile, do read my article Hypothyroidism? How to lose weight which will help you.

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