Nutrition Q&A: Want to gain weight post delivery?

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This week’s answer:

1. Dear Mrs.Radhakrishnan, I am Sathyavakesh aged 29, Architect by profession following this type diet system for past 10 months and i feel that iam healthier day by day. Please request you to give your opinion on my daily routine which i am trying to practice 100% as i mentioned.
Morning – 6 to 6.30 am yoga with empty stomach, one spoon of raw falx seeds, later 30 minutes cycling to and fro to the swimming pool, 30 minutes slow and relaxed swimming. Cup of badam milk by 8.30. Breakfast – 2 dates, 2 badam, 2 pista, 6 kishmisch, 1 small piece of wallnut and one dry fig. By 12 noon – 500ml of butter milk.
Afternoon – ( between 1- 1.30 pm ) Normal regular south indian home made cooked food with rice, etc

Night- combination two fruits to make fruit salad with a spoon of honey.
Apart from these three times of food intake, i dont take any liguid or solid food unless i feel hungry. I am extremely sorry for sending such a detailed routine of mine. kindly give your opinion on this regard..

with Regards,

Good to know that you are eating lesser portions and feeling healthier. Your eating is good as regards to fruits, vegetables, milk. Though you may need more protein intake. Couple of tips for you to vary your eating.

Instead of 2 fruits and honey at night, have one fruit (no honey) and 1/2 a cup of sprouted beans – vary the kind.
Raw flax seeds i hope are ground and mixed with any liquid.
Alternate badam milk with ragi milk or oats & milk. No change in quantities.

2. Hello Ma’am, I am 24 aged woman, of 5.4ft Height from Bangalore. I need your suggestion in GAINING weight. I have a 7-month old baby. Post the childbirth am unable to gain-weight.

Please advise.

Bharathi Iyer

Bharati, you have not mentioned your present weight, weight before pregnancy and other details like are you breast feeding your baby, are you working, etc. Do give me these info too. Meanwhile drink 2 or 3 glasses milk with ensure or complan, fruit juices, nuts, dates and an egg daily.

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