Nutrition Q&A: What do you eat for great skin in summer

Nutrition and Dietetics expert, Parvathy Radhakrishnan answers readers’ questions on nutrition. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Wednesday.
This week’s answers:

1. As far as my understanding goes, all types of fruits can be taken even by diabetics. If I am wrong, kindly advise me suitably.
Yes all kinds of fruits may be eaten by the diabetic in recommended portions. If you follow the exchange list for fruits it is possible to include all fruits. It lists the quantity of different fruits to be eaten for the same calories. For example to get 60 calories and 15gm carbohydrate you can choose to eat 1/2 banana or 3 dates or one medium apple or 15 grapes etc.

2. Dear Maam, please suggest diet to reduce bp – my husband’s bp is about 140/90 on and off.
· Reduce weight if overweight. This is the most important point.
· Avoid salty foods like pickles, papads, chips, salted snacks., soft drinks, malted drinks Restrict or best avoid eating from restaurants, confectionery foods or any cooking that has soda bicarbonate, baking powder, monosodium glutamate (chinese cooking)
· Include potassium high fruits and vegetables at all meals or three times a day. Use fat free milk and yoghurt.
· Avoid salting at the table.
· People with hypertension should also restrict cholesterol high foods. Therefore restrict butter, cream, ghee, fatty meat cuts, skin on poultry, organ meats, mayonnaise, high fat cheeses like cream and cheddar, shrimps, egg yolk, rich desserts.
· Apart from diet, regular moderate exercise like walking will also help control high blood pressure. It is safer to start exercise after you have made changes to your eating.

3. Hi Parvathy, my skin is very oily and get rashes in summer. can u please suggest food to prevent this.
Most importantly avoid fatty and spicy foods. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The vitamins in these will help heal the summer rashes.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water to moisturize the body.
Some people find eating a lot of mangoes in summer produces rashes. You could try avoiding or restricting this.
The Chinese combat heat with soya beans. So try soya beans, its milk or tofu.
Exercise will increase blood circulation and clear the skin.

4. I am 25 years old, weight is 61 kgs, height 5ft im working in a BPO. I have gained 6 kgs in 4 mnths. Please suggest foods to lose weight.
If you have increased weight only over the last 4 months then either you have a thyroid problem, you have increased your eating or reduced your activity.
Firstly check your thyroids and get that cleared.
Avoid fatty foods, sweets, sugared drinks, desserts, fried snacks.
Cut down on rice, potatoes and other starchy foods.
Add more of vegetables both cooked and raw, fruits between meals as snacks and change over to fat free milk and yoghurt.
Include some level of exercise at a specified time for one hour 5 times a week.

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