Nutrition Q&A: What fruits can diabetics eat?

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Madam, I am suffering from diabetic and hypertention for the last 25 years, recenly I have been diagoned cronic kidney disease and my creatine level at present is 3.0, I have been adviced for strict diet which I am following but some time I get confused what to eat. Please will you help me to get proper diet , so that I can plan my meals.

Purushotham, please send me details of medication and also restrictions advised by doctor in diet example, low potassium, low protein etc or is it only strict diet for diabetes and high BP. what is your age, height, weight? How do you eat now?

2.Hello Doctor, i am a 34 year old.As i am a diabetic for Last 1.6months. Colud you please advice me which fruit can i take on daily basis.
You can eat 2 to 3 fruits daily, especially guava, apple, orange, papaya, pineapple.

Quantity is important. Guava, apple, kiwi fruit, orange – one medium sized or 100 gms edible portion

papaya, pineapple, watermelon – 3/4 cup; grapefruit, pomegranate – 1/2; banana – 1/2 small

3 Hi Parvathy R Krishnan,I am 56 yrs old and of late in 2006 I had pain in the joints. My blood test showed 7.5 to 8 counts of Uric Acid normaly it should be below 7. I am taking Zyloric Tab once a day and last tested results were 6.5. I do normal exercise for 45 minutes. Taking lot of water and reduced faty as well as protin rich food as advised by my physician. I am not over weight but I have high BP. To control BP I take Losar-H once a day. If I stop taking Zyloric my uric acid counts increses. Kindly suggest suitable diet for me I am Vegetarian.
R K Upadhyay
You should not stop Zyloric.

Foods to avoid are mushrooms, green peas, sugared drinks like soft drinks, any drink sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Limit all fatty foods or fried foods and sweets, desserts.
Avoid alcohol.
I hope you are having milk, buttermilk or curds which is good for lowering uric acid. So also all kinds of fruits. Eat 3 to 4 fruits daily. Continue your exercise and keep drinking water.

4. I am on insulin and also take amaryl 2mg and cetapin 1000. My blood sugar level is varying higly. I have checked my blood sugar level at around 7-8 Pm and it drops considerably ( is at 60 to 80 ) even after having a heft lunch. However my BS in the morning is at 200 levels even though i take 12 units of isulin at night. Urge to have breakfast is zero and have considerable pains in body when i get up in the morning . Should i change my insulin timings.

Please mention dosage of insulin and type. You have not mentioned the time insulin is taken. Why do you eat a hefty lunch? First rule in diabetes is to eat moderate meals with snack between meals. Insulin should be proportionate to carbs in meals. What kind of foods you ate at dinner will decide early morning blood sugar. There should be enough protein and fibre in meals so that blood sugar stays normal at morning. Please send me your exact eating plan and timing so I can help you space your meals. Also mention your age, weight, height.

5. I have many lumps on my both says that it causes as because my cholesterol is high. my total cholesterol ratio is 4.9.give me some suggestion to reduce this lumps.

Please reduce your blood cholesterol by following a low fat, high fibre diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and NO saturated fats or fatty foods, rich desserts. Eat only lean meat like skinless chicken or fish.

I am not aware if lowering blood cholesterol will reduce the bumps under your skin.

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