Nutrition Q&A: Why don’t I lose weight?

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This week’s answers:

1. dear sir /mam am 34 years old 80kg wt i have high cholestrol and bp was high but it is reduced by medicines but to reduce cholesterol please suggest me
VinayakC Kamath
The best way to reduce both blood pressure and cholesterol is by reducing your weight. You have not mentioned your height, so I cannot say how many kilos you need to reduce. Follow the advise I have given in my articles on blood pressure and cholesterol and start a mild exercise regimen. This will definitely show big results.

2. I need small clarification will this deit help for thydroid people. I have tried naturopathy for seven months but not even a inch
was reduced. Now I am taking herbal supplements i.e Aloe vera juice with Amla Juice Morning on empty stomach still I can not notice any changes. I do follow the step 2 and step 3 as per your suggestions. My height is 4.9 ft and weight is 102. I have hypothydroid.

You will need proper medications and not supplements to help your underactive thyroidism. Along with the medicine, diet and daily exercise will definitely help you to reduce weight. People with hypothyroidism have a very low metabolic rate. Therefore, diet alone will not help you. When the medication for hypothyroidism is started, you find results with diet and exercise.

3. Can I eat raw almonds (without soaking n deskinning)
Yes you may.

4. i m 47,height is 5.11″,an my wt is 93, i m taking my heavy breakfast at 10am and at 4 pm i m taking 1 sandwitch and at 9.30 diner 5 chapati , sabji and 1 bowl rice and dal, and sunday chicken, can u suggest me about my diet and how i gain this much wt. because i m in marketing and atleast walk 3 km during the day
Your answer is in your own sentence, NandKishore! You are active during the day. So why this heavy dinner? Have your chapatis at 4 pm and only a sandwich at 930pm.

10am Breakfast

1pm A fruit

4pm 4 chapatis with dal, sabji and a buttermilk drink. Skip the rice.

9.30 pm Sandwich and an apple

Try this. Good luck!

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