Obesity an important risk factor for cancer: Dr. Goyle

img_6_240x240june24Dr Sandeep Goyle is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai. He has completed MRCP (U.K) at Royal College of Physicians of London, CCST Medical Oncology at Joint College of Higher Medical Training, UK and MSc Oncology at University of Manchester,UK.

His specialities include Breast Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer – tongue, oral cavity, pharynx, salivary glands, larynx, thyroid, Lung Cancer, Oesophagus, Stomach, Colorectal Cancer, Prostate, Bladder, Kidney, Skin Cancers, Gynaecological Cancers, Cancers of Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Liver, Lymphoma, Myeloma and many other types.

Dr. Goyle answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat.

Do all paan masalas contain tobacco?
I think, most of them do.

What is your advice on the use of mouth freshners which are easily available now days?
Can use, no obvious link to cancer

Is it safe to use deodarants on bare body or should it be sprayed on clothes?
Can use

How many hrs of physical activity do you suggest for men and women above 45 yrs to remain healthy and way from all diseases?
Usually 4 to 5 hrs a week

Why does breast feeding lower cancer risk?
Obvious reason not known, but it is surely known that women who breast feed are at a lower risk of breast cancer

Which types of women carry more risk of showing cancer symptoms, women who have had miscarriages, women who give birth to more than 2 kids or women who never get pregnant?
Women who do not have children, who do not breast feed are at more risk of developing breast cancer

Also is high blood pressure the cause to cancer?

Obesity generally leads to heart problems. What are the chances of obesity causing cancer?
Obesity is one of the important risk factors for cancer

I am a normal woman 44yrs. What of health tests would you prescibe on regular basis for me?
Already answered

Are turmeric powder, lemon juice and flax seeds very effective to protect from cancer?
No evidence to support the use

What foods if taken on daily basis prevent cancer of any type?
A healthy diet with fibre, vitamins. And fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer

What foods can cause cancer?
No obvious food is known to cause cancer as such. However fried foods and excess salt and sugar, excess red meat are possible risk factors

Do kidney stones lead to kidney cancer?
Not really

What causes kidney cancer and what prevention can we take?
No cause known of kidney cancer and no obvious risk factor known.

How can cancer in kidney be detected?
By ct scan

What type of cancers are men more likely to get?
Lung, oral cavity and stomach

What are the latest cancer treatments available and what about its side effects?
Have already answered earlier

How effective is sunscreen in preventing skin cancer?
A sunscreen with a good spf can help to reduce the risk

What are the causes of skin cancer?
Excess sun exposure

I have been diagnosed with pre-cancerous polyp.Will I be okay if it is removed?

Does PCOS lead to Gynaecological Cancers?
Not usually

What is Gynaecological Cancers? What does it mean?
Cancers of the female reproductive system like ovaries, cervix and vagina. Breast cancer can also be included in it.

How is skin cancer treated?
Usually by surgical removal of the affected part. If it has spread, then by chemotherapy

Is cancer hereditary?
Some cancers can be hereditary

What lifestyle changes can one make to prevent cancer?
Exercise regularly, eat healthy diet, stop smoking and tobacco chewing, less alcohol intake, avoid weight gain

Why has cancer become more common nowadays?
Changes in life style, increase risk factors especially smoking, good diagnostic tests and awareness among people are some of the reasons for increasing cancer incidence

How can an individual find out if he has cancer or not?
By doing certain tests

What are the side effects of chemotherapy?
Nausea, vomiting, hair loss are the common side effects. Others depend on the type of medicines used. Not all medicines cause hair loss. It is important to note that the side effects are much less these days as we have good supportive medicines

Why is prostate cancer so deadly? Isn’t there any treatment for it after being diagnosed at stage 2?
Prostate cancer is one of the least deadly cancers, usually occurs in old age and can go on for many years even in stage 4

What are the early signs of breast cancer?
Lump in the breast, bleeding from the nipple, nipple retraction

In what types of cases, is cancer incurable and can turn fatal?
If diagnosed at a late stage and not treated properly

Can cancer be completely cured today?
Yes, only if diagnosed at an early stage

What are the chances of cancer prevention if it is in the family history?
Regular screening and avoidance of risk factors

What care needs to be taken to prevent skin cancer? Thank you.
Avoid excessive exposure to sun

Are UV rays the main cause of skin cancer?
Excess sun exposure is associated with a higher risk of skin cancers especially in people with fair skin

Hey Dr Goyle.. does having sensitive skin increase the chances of getting skin cancer?
Not really

How much of smoking can lead to cancer?
If one smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day, then the risk of lung cancer increases by 10 fold

What types of tests are usually done for cancer detection?
Biopsy and scans along with blood tests are usually done for detection

Hello Dr. Sandeep. How is genetic testing done for cancer detection?
It is usually done to predict the risk of developing certain cancers, especially if there is a strong family history of cancer

Apart from exercising regularly what lifestyle changes can help women above 40yrs prevent from cancer?
good dietary habits and exercise and tests as mentioned in my reply to your previous question and avoid smoking

As an oncologist what is your advice to normal women after 40 yrs of age like what tests and examinations do they require on regular basis?
Pujina, good question. Women after the age of 40 should get examined for breast and cervical cancer. For breast cancer, breast self examination, mammogram and examination by doctor is recommended. For cervical cancer, Pap smear is recommended.

What about passive smoking, how harmful is it?
Quite harmful. Smoking whether active or passive is very harmful

img_10_240x240june24Like smoking does boozing also cause cancer?
Anything in excess can cause problems. Alcohol in excess can also be a risk factor for cancer development

Good morning. What environmental factors can lead to any kind of cancer Sir?
Environmental factors like pollution and radiation can be responsible to some extent

Why is smoking linked to cancer?
Smoking tobacco contains a lot of carcinogens which lead to cancer

What are the most common causes of cancer in males?
Cause of cancer is not known. However risk factors for cancers are there. In males, the commonest risk factor for cancer is smoking and tobacco chewing.

Good day doctor sandeep. i want to know what types of cancer generally occur in males?
In our country, lung cancer, head and neck cancer are quite common in males

Do all cancer treatments have side effects?
Any treatment can have some or the other side effects. The side effects depend on the type of treatment used

How is cancer linked to other diseases?
certain diseases can predispose cancer formation. For example, people with hepatitis b can lead to cirrhosis of liver which can then lead to liver cancer

What are the treatments available for cancer today?
Cancer treatment is a multi modality approach involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Usually the three are used in combination depending on the stage of disease.

dr what can help prevent cancer? wat should one do????
One need to avoid the risk factors which are responsible for the development of cancer. Hence one can lower the chances of developing cancer

dr my sisters sil had a tuour in her intestine which was diagnosed as colon cancer. scan revealed it had not spread and tumour removed immediately.. she has to undergo chemo.is there cause forworry?
Not really. Chemo is advised after surgery to prevent recurrence of the cancer

Are there any vaccinations or medications to prevent cancer in males as well as females?
In females, there is vaccination for cervical cancer, recommended for women aged 12 to 26 yrs.

The earliest symptoms of cancer can show up in what age group?
The symptoms depend on the type of cancer. Some cancers occur in children and others in adults, hence the age will vary