Obesity and low self esteem

Obesity can trigger feelings of low self esteem.

Poor stamina and ungainly physical appearance often invite cruel comments from the world. But the converse is also true – feelings of low self esteem can prompt irrational eating behaviours that can worsen obesity.

Most dieticians and doctors focus on diet followed by an exercise regimen. But many a times, what is not taken into account is the fact that obesity may have been caused by low self esteem.

Perhaps this is the reason so many diet strategies fail and the relapse rates of obesity are possibly higher than in the case of alcohol addiction. Self esteem plays a big role in how healthy someone is. Being harshly criticised or physically punished as a child are triggers for overeating, just as high expectations and pressure from parents.

`When you address self esteem and start to value yourself more, you will start to take better care of yourself. as your self esteem goes up, your weight will come down.`

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