Obesity is partially related to hunger: Dr. Dhurandhar

Obesity Consultant, Dr.Vinod Dhurandhar, is the founder president of Association of Advancing Research in Obesity. He has conducted the first obesity camp in India in March 1981. He has written 3 books based on his research.

He has introduced a safe and systematic method to lose weight. He has treated over 65,000 patients.

Dr.Dhurandhar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

i am feeling the pain of hunger and is compeled to eat.at the same time obesity is my worst problem.can u help me.
You can eat frequently but what you eat counts. So please consult an expert.

I am 45 years old and my husband is 47 years. My question is he is having stomoch obesity. How it will be reduced. He walks lot and he will do excercises also but still the stomach is not reducing
He has to see an Obesity consultant and follow a proper diet. Exercise alone will not help as it has no effect on fat but acts on the muscles.

When is an obese person advised to consult a bariatric surgeon or an endocrinologist?
If there is something wrong with his endocrine glands then an endocrinologist is advised and if a surgery is advised then a bariatric surgeon is advised. Depends from patient to patient.

Should one visit a dietitian or an obesity consultant if one starts gaining weight?
Obesity Consultant.

What kind of changes in one working woman’s diet help to prevent weight gain?
Eat frequent proper food in small portions.

What kinds of foods should be avoided by obese people?
Foods high in calories. Suppose one eats one vada or samosa, calorie wise this is equal to 10 bread slices.

Is obesity completely related to our hunger instinct?
No not completely.

Are the treatments available for obesity today offer a permanent solution?
No there is no permanent solution. It requires a life time monitoring.

is obesity mostly genetic?
To a certain extent yes.

What precautions can be taken by a pregnant woman to avoid obesity in her child?
She should get treated during her pregnancy.

Is it that obesity even when treated can bounce back at any age?
It can if you don’t pay proper attention.

what other factors besides eating habits might contribute to a child’s obesity?
Remaining inactive for whatever the reason it may be.

I have a 9yr old son. He just can’t control his eating habits. I am worried. Pls advise.
He has to be monitored by an expert.

At what age group is Obesity most prevalent?
40yrs to 70yrs.

How to tackle obesity that occurs due to emotional problems?
See a psychiatrist.

Also I want to know whether birth control pills can cause weight gain?
They do.

Doctor is it true that some people gain weight after they quit smoking?
Some do.

How should I motivate myself to make long term lifestyle changes to prevent weight gain or obesity?
You need to see an expert. You can write to me on dhurandharvinod@hotmail.com

Besides walking, jogging, what kind of moderate activity can one indulge in to avoid weight gain?
Moderate walks is my advise which does not strain heart or joint muscles.

Sir is it true that it gets harder to lose weight as one grows older? If yes why?
No this is wrong notion. I treated an 83yr old lady who reduced and came to her normal weight. I don’t even mind treating a 100 yr old patient who is willing for a weight loss treatment.

But doesn’t eating in smaller portions throughout the day tends to make one feel more hungry? What do you advise?
My best patient has been eating every 15 mins in small PORTION. BUT THIS IS NOT UNIVERSAL. Smaller portions at frequent intervals is advised.

is it true that cutting down on portion sizes helps in bringing down one’s weight?
It does because it cuts down on calories.

Due to my work schedule I also do not have any time for exercise or walks. Please suggest an option.
Proper diet for which you do not require exercise.

Please give some tips for healthy eating.
It varies from person to person. Eat a well balanced diet.

Does lack of sleep also lead to weight gain?
No. Unless you eat more you cannot gain excess weight.

Dr. My job profile demands me to work on rotating shifts which is effecting my body weight. What should I do?
You have to follow a proper diet at whatever time you eat.

Are there chances for a child to get obese again when he or she grows up even after being treated for obesity at childhood?
Yes the weight has to be monitored regularly throughout.

Does obesity in children hinder their physical and mental growth?
Yes it does. Mentally they tend to get aloof.

Doctor I need some information about child Obesity.What causes obesity in a child?
The child is given wrong type of food and the child is not so active which gradually increases his weight. Also if there is a family history. But all this can be overcome by a proper treatment.

How does one know that he or she is Obese Sir?
There are height and weight charts. One needs to tally one’s weight with the height and age.

What are the risk factors related to Obesity?
Diabetes, heart disease, paralysis, varicose veins, high blood pressure, kidney and liver diseases, osteoarthritis, etc.

What exactly is Obesity? Is it too much of fat gain in the body?
Yes it the percentage of fat in the body which gets very high.

Does being very active help in preventing Obesity Sir?
No. Obesity control requires diet control.

kindly suggest me the method to get rid of obesity.
You have to take a proper scientific treatment from an expert.

The age of my wife is 37 yrs,wt 68Kgs and ht is about 5ft,3″. She has endometrosis problem, and her Thyroid is about 5.83. Regarding her disease better than previous condition. She has obesity. Please advise how she will reduce her Obesity.
She has to undergo treatment for her thyroid first and then for her obesity.

Hello Doctor, I would like to know how unique is our treatment to other conventional surgeries?
I don’t advise any surgeries because the patients get disillusioned. I generally advise the fat loss through diet control.

There are various surgeries available today for obese and overweight people. What is your advise on it?
The only objection I have is that the people feel that after such surgeries they can eat whatever they like which is not right. Consult an expert before any decision.

My brother does not even have children due to his obesity. Can he have a child after he is treated for obesity?
Yes he should. Please ask him to consult an expert soon.

Does all the weight lost by the obese person comes back one day as and when his or her treatment is stopped?
There is no permanent loss unless one follows a proper diet.

Dr. My brother is 5ft 9″ in height and is 145kgs. What type of treatment is suggested for him?
He has to be examined thoroughly, investigated and put on a proper diet which changes every month.

Hello Dr. 45 yrs old Male170 cms and 86 Kgs. gud health. Tried excercising, dieting etc. Lose weight initially and then regain weight after few months! What should I do to shed weight and remain at say 70 kgs constant.
You have to get to the desired weight without starvation with a proper diet. Don’t indulge in high calorie food to maintain a constant weight. Keep a check on your weight.

If my family history does not indicate obesity ever, are there still chances of me getting obese someday?
Yes there are. Depends upon what you eat and what you require. A balance is needed.

I have a very bad habit of craving for sweets. I need atleast to have some sweet mithai after dinner or I feel restless. How to control?
Find a sweet with low calories.

Is fluctuations in one’s weight normal sign Doctor?
Try and find out the reason of the fluctuation. See an expert.

I am 39yrs male.Recently I have my weight keeps going up and down.Can I know the basic symptoms of Obesity?
Basic symptoms would be symptoms of the heart, the joints, or wherever the system is effected due to obesity,. This will however vary from patient to patient.