One of the key therapies in wellness is detox

Wellness has become a cult these days. Some of us have experienced it, some of us have been given an idea about what it is and most of us have been given all the wrong ideas about what wellness is. Suddenly everything that everyone offers is being branded as wellness and credibility is at stake for a genuinely wonderful area of medicine. Being an allopathic physician who then went on to practice wellness after quite a few years of training, I will attempt to introduce wellness into your life.

To put it in simple words, wellness is the state that we should all aim to be in. Discomfort is the state in which most of us are in. We fall ill and go to the doctor who cures our illness and puts us back into the state of discomfort and we move on. Wellness is the jump from discomfort to comfort where your nagging issues like weight, energy levels, mental well being, sleep, bowel habits, stamina and sexual life are all in harmony. When all of this is in harmony, you experience wellness. Not one or two of them, but all of them in harmony is the key to wellness.

One of the key therapies in wellness is a detox. If some one tells you that a detox is a myth and that your body detoxes itself and people suggesting a detox are all quacks, just ask them why do people fall sick if the body is detoxing perfectly. Like how your body has a defense system that needs help with medicines, your body’s detox system needs help from time to time. Smoking, pollution, stress, lack of sleep and other not so healthy stuff, overwork your body’s detox mechanism and stall or slow it down, thus leading to accumulation of toxins.

However, anything and everything cannot be a detox regimen. The concept of detoxing the body comes from ancient streams of medicine like acupuncture and Ayurveda. Oleation and panchakarma therapies of Ayurveda are examples of detoxing the body, and each of them have specific indications and contra indications, the same with acupuncture therapies and so they need to be administered only by a qualified therapist who knows exactly what he or she doing. A detox regimen has to have multiple things like diet, a exercise regimen, a pure air breathing like oxygen chambers and a specific detox therapy. These are usually not a one size fits all, but tailored individually for each person.

Detox regimens vary between each system of medicine. Depending on the type of detox the duration can vary. Programs can be in house or as out client depending on the requirements of the person’s detox needs. A simple detox regimen for most normal people can be completed in seven days and for people who smoke or take excessive alcohol, the process can take three weeks and can be done while you continue your normal daily life.

Prevention is always better than cure, but prevention is more than just detecting diseases early. It is taking an active step to prevent or delay diseases and their consequences that will truly make your life better.

Dr.Wasim Mohideen
Wellness expert

After 8 years in allopathy, which included MBBS, DNB and a Diploma from the Royal College of General Practitioners, UK, Dr Wasim went on to get a doctorate in Acupuncture and a diploma in Ayurveda. He now combines the best of modern and alternative medicines to help people stay healthy.