Orthopaedics Q&A: Managing knee joint pain

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This week’s answers:

1. My mom has been suffering from joint pain (knee pain) for 5 years now. we have consulted a few doctors, everyone seem to give different suggestions however nothing worked. would you please advise how do we get it cured completely. i would be really grateful to you.
Whats your mother’s age. Old aged people commonly suffer from a condition called OSTEOARTHRITIS. It can be confirmed with an X- Ray. It will be fine if you can send a jpeg image of your mothers x- ray both knee AP and LATERAL views. This pain can be controlled with better medicines and some physiotherapy.

2. I get pain in the joints through out the body at times.during early morning, while i am still in bed, i get pain in the head, in the cranium.what could be the cause and what is the remedy? this pain would not be there during the day time after i get up from bed. i would like to metion that i am diabetic since 5 years which is well under control.
h.s. srimathi
Well how old are you? Joint pain especially in small joints of hands that too particularly early morning in 30 to 50 yrs old women may be some type of arthritis ie RHEUMATOID. However you have to be examined by an orthopaedic doctor and you should undergo some blood tests to confirm them. Regarding your cranium pain please check your BP. If its normal its better to take a neurologist opinion.

3. I am 37 year old (weight 85kg height 172cm)and working in leading private as manager, lately(from march 2011), i am facing severe pain in my right leg knee, i have never met with any accident and the problem was suddenly started. prominently, i face this problem while driving car, walking through a staircase, and some time while sleeping. i have consulted few local doctors but after taking medicines for more than 1 months problem still persist.
Do you drive for long distances? I infer from your complaints that you may be lacking some physical exercises. Please contact your nearest PHYSIOTHERAPIST and learn QUADRICEPS EXERCISES from them. Please do that 4 times a day and 5 minutes each time. In 10 days if you don’t see some improvement please get an orthopaedic opinion.

4. I would like to know from dr. v v prasad, if joint pain (particularly knee joints ) can be cured ? if yes, what are the medicines, i should take and for how long ? i am suffering from sever knee joint pain for last ten/twelve years. i am 61 years old. i have tried calcium and vitamin E tablets for quite some time.kindly advise. Kind regards
s c jain
I think you should be suffering from OSTEOARTHRITIS. Heat therapy wax bath and SWD from a physiotherapist will help you. If you have tried all those things next is trying steroid injections into your knee joint. If your knee joint wear and tear is of a higher level then you will benefit from some surgical procedures.

5. i am suffering from back pain and it radiates to the left thigh and knees. the pain is in the hip sometimes. i work in a it firm which is basically a sitting job and travel 30 kms daily in two wheeler.i am able to bend my knees and legs without any problem. kindly mail me the remedies as it is irritating sometimes.
nair p
It’s mainly due to a nerve pull I your left lower limb. It’s called SCIATICA. If it pains too much you have to take physiotherapy in the form of IPT & IFT. Even then if you have pain please take an orthopaedic opinion.

6. my sister is 28 years old and suffering from severe joint pain in knee. Sometimes she feels reckleess and a very typical sound comes from her nee.can u please help me to cure herself from this pain.
Did she have any injury? Sound from knee is normal many a times but she should not have pain. She needs some blood tests and an X – Ray for her knee. Better take an orthopaedic opinion.

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