Orthopaedics Q&A: A closer look at ligament tear

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This week’s answers:

1. Sir, I am 41 Yrs old women. I had got the CT Scan done of Cervical Scan whose report is as under:
– Congenital occipito-atlantal fusion and congenital block C-6-C-7 vertebrae
– Degenerative spondylotic changes in the cervical spine with degeneration of C2-3, C3-4 and C5-6 intervertebral discs
– Posterior intervertebral disc herniation along with posterior marginal and uncovertebral osteophytes at C5-6 cause anterior thecal sac indentation and bilateral neural foraminal narrowing
– Posterocentral herniation of C3-4, C4-5 and C6-7 intervertebral disc cause anterior thecal sac indentation

I am working lady, I have to work on computer whole day through, I get neck pain and that radiates to my head, sometimes it so severe that I cannot tolerate, I am now a days doing neck exercises also, could you pls. tell me the treatment for the above problem which I am facing. Is there any treatment for the same? Pls answer. What problems can I face in future pls tell.
For such a CT report its better to see the patient in person and to give my comment. Even then I feel its better you don’t do any exercises. Take some rest. You can try cervical collar during work hours. Raise your monitor and keyboard levels to your eyesight level so that you need not bend your neck every time you want to see the monitor or keyboard.

2. I am having severe knee pain in my right leg corner. I went ortho. He gave some medicine, but it won’t work. Kindly suggest me what to do
Please tell me your age and gender. Did you have any injury or it started all of a sudden? Did that doctor make an X – Ray?

3. Hello doctor. I got a ligament tear in left foot last year. It became alright but still pains now and then if i turn my foot in particular way. What is the reason?
Ligament tears in foot if not given adequate rest will later develop into chronic pain. You should avoid all activities that aggravate your pain. In 6 or 8 months it should settle. You can use pain killers if it really troubles you.

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