Orthopaedics Q&A: High ankle boots reduces ligament pain

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This week’s answers:

I got injured while playing Volley ball and ended with a ligament tear on my left ankle. It’s been almost 7 months but still I have pain. Last week, I had an MRI Scan and found ligament tear still exists and no other issues (bone…etc). I am still playing the game (almost daily) with the pain.Is there any treatment (eg. physiotherapy) that can reduce the pain & heal the wound, apart from giving total rest to it.?
Kindly advise.

You can try wearing HIGH ANKLE BOOTS for daily use for 3 months.

I have been diagnosed to have a tennis elbow on my right arm.I do a routine gym workout of cardio and weight training under the watchful eyes of a competent trainer.Whats are the dos and donts to follow? Is their any physiotherepy I can use? I am 42 and slightly overweight.
Ravi Rajpal

Not to lift weights in that hand, you can have a course of ultrasound massage to reduce the pain.

Dear Doctor,
I am Supriyo Kar, 51 years old, suffering from pain in Right Knee for a little more than a year.I have consulted Orthopaedic doctors ( 2 of them ) and they did not find major issues in X-ray or physical examination.They suggested quadriceps exercises and I do them, but not regularly. When I do, there is some relief, though short-lived. I do not do any other physical exercise, except normal walking of about 2 km daily.The pain is more while going down the stairs. It is on the side and back of the knee, not on the patella.One of the doctors suggested a MRI , which I have not done yet.
Shall be grateful for advice.
With best regards
Supriyo Kar

Your complaints are more indicative of osteoarthritis of your knee. you can try some physio in the form of heat treatment. i dont think MRI can throw some light to your complaints.

Dear Doctor,
My mother (age 58) is suffering from knee pain and is mostly feeling discomfort for sitting properly. I met with an orthopaedician in bangalore. He suggested for knee replacement and prescribed medicine
1 Rejoint
2 Orcerin
Both the medicines to be taken for 2 months. My query is,- will those tablets give any result? How long she needs to continue, though the doctor suggested for 2 months.
Sumanta Thakur

They can reduce the pain but can’t cure arthritis. she might need those drugs for longer periods.

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