Orthopaedics Q&A: Improving mobility of a limb

Orthopaedics expert, Dr VV Prasad answers readers’ questions on bone health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Monday.
This week’s answers:

1. Dear Sir, I was happy to read this article that we can ask queries about our health. Its regarding my son’s hand (left arm) when he was 4 years old it was diagnosed as pulled elbow and had an tight errection with a sling which resulted in acute pain and to do an immediate surgery which left a bad and ugly scar for ever on his hand. He does not have the same strength as the right hand. Now he is 13 yrs old, is there a surgery required for his arm, or the bone has no problem in growing. Will he face any disability in future?
Shirley Simon
I think your son should have got an immobilization with plaster of paris at the age of 4. He should have developed a disturbance in blood supply of that hand which would have required surgery at that time. Now the point is only mobility of the hand. As such strength of left hand would be less than right hand. It’s better you consult a plastic surgeon in person and discuss whether some reconstructive procedure will improve his hand strength and mobility.

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