Orthopaedics Q&A: Knee calipers for pain relief

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This week’s answers:

1. What is the treatment for knee joint pain. i am diagnosed as suffering from OA. i am 64 yrs. 75 kgs. normal built. 5 .10 height. very active person. vegetarian. clean habits. no other ailment.
PV Natarajan
Pain killers, knee quadriceps exercises, physiotheraphy in the form of SWD, Wax etc, injection into the knee joint, surgery like arthroscopy or total knee replacements…

2. Dear Doctor, My mother is of 60 age. She is having pains in her knees. Doctor has suggested for knee replacement. She is not ready for surgery. I saw the Paragon knee caliper on TV Advertisement. Will that benefit my mother knee if used constantly. Please reply because I am very much worried about my mother knee problem. Thanks and Regards
Yes, it will work for some people. No harm in trying it out. You can try.

3. I am a vegetarian, on diet and I do light exercises and walking. Recently I have twisted my left shoulder by lifting something which shifted suddenly and I have since last 3 weeks had a frozen shoulder. It does not move in certain angles above 100 degrees from ground level and behind the back. It has stopped paining but is not improving.
What do you suggest can be done?

Are you a diabetic? Do you have any shoulder problems before this incident? Did you do any soft tissue investigations like ultrasound or MRI for your shoulder muscles to rule out any traumatic tear? Answers to these questions will get the diagnosis !! then I can suggest treatment accordingly.

4. Dear Sir, my mammy suffering knees pain last four years because in 2007 we all fell ill of chickengunia disease, but now also my mother suffering much pain,we had show to in CGHS and Bowring Hospital , they have mention some tablets i.e
1.Ranitidine 150mg tab
2.Diclofenac sodium 50mg tab 7days
3.Alfacip plus cap 1month 1month
4.Cetrizine -10mg tab for ten days
5.Sumo Tab 1-0-1 for 10days
6.Dexorange syp 0-2sp 1day
7. Dynapar gel oint
many more tablets she has taking, but no relief nearly 3-4 years over no relief ,
while eating that tablets, it will be fine but after leaving tablets that again start pain , she has much pain in knees and thigh joins pains , please consult us some tablets. Is it Arthritis problems ,what is Arthritis

Please suggest your doctor to start steroids for your mother. It will help in the long run. This condition doesn’t seem like arthritis. Arthritis is wear and tear of the joint linings due to excess work and physical stress leading to pain.

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