Orthopaedics Q&A: Knee exercises for knee strain

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This week’s answers:

Dear Sir

I experience stiffness and pain in the hands in the morning. The joints are sometimes so stiff that I cannot bend the fingers to complete small tasks like holding a tooth brush.

Blood Test results show positive RA factor.

Kindly advise.

Gurjeet Singh

Its obvious that you are having Rheumatoid arthritis probably.Please consult a rheumatologist as you may require long term treatment.

Just below the ankle on the right leg there is a hard swelling which is painful. I have been facing the problem for the last five years or so. Everyday I walk for an hour. No problem is faced then. Pain is felt later or while standing or sitting. Not during while lying. Consulted an orthopaedics doctor. He suggested that surgery is the only solution. Advice was to wait as much as I can. I have observed that in the left ankle also the swelling has started to form as if it is an expansion of bone. Kindly advise.

Nripendra Narayan Sarma

I think you must be having a swelling called “Bursitis”.If it is so then the advise is correct.Its better to remove the swelling surgically and to send it for testing.


I am a 30 years old man.

My problem is there is a pain below my left knees. Whenever I stand or walk, the pain resumes. It does not pain while I am sleeping or sitting.

Kunal Dutta

At this young age you should only be having some knee strain. Please learn knee exercises from a physiotherapist and do them regularly 4 times a day for 2 weeks.Even then if your pain is not subsiding then consult an ortho doctor.

Dear sir

This is Shahzad from Bihar(India).28 years old,male.I came to know about you fom one of my friend , who is from kerela,I need ur suggestion sir.

what medical treatment i should follow sir.I have to say you about the disease from which i am suffering.Dr sb i would like to say in details from beginning about the disease from which i am suffering.

In May-2011… Suddenly i got pain in my right side back hip andit was radiating through right thigh upto the knee.one more thing i would like to say you my job was a traveling job and when i got pain on that day
i slept on the tiles floor without putting any bed and midnight pain started in my right back hip. so i am confused either its due to cold effect or something else (First time i got this kind of pain in my life )

I did MRI report came( L5-S1)disc prolapse.then i started treatment and got relief. After few days i got pain in my left hip joint and at the same time in my left leg —swelling and pain in my left foot ankle.ag ain i did some blood test as doctor suggested which is mentioned below..

URIC ACID—7.5…but now it is normal bcz i am avoiding
all kinds of highly protien diet..now its 6.
C- Reactive protien– positive.
ESR—100(during more pain).now its 10

I started treatment from alopath but not good result so switched to
homeopath and got good result..the pain has been recovered.after one year in JUNE 2012—I got pain and swelling in my left knee allopaith doctor said there is a effussion in the left knee(containing extra fluid) have to inject out again i consulted with homeopath doctor and feeling better..

Dr sb Its like a pain in my body moving from here to there.Again one more case from last two month i am getting pain in my spinal cord(in middle) and right side only whole back with right ribs also paining..

Some symptoms I have which is mentioned below..

3.both eyes burns at the evening and at night time.
4. no fever

Present suffering from pain:

1.left knee with swelling(but now 80% recovered )
2.spinal cord middle with right ribs back

Dr sb plz tell me what should i do for this.Is there cure of this disease
plz reply me sir for which i will be grateful to you.

Thanks & regards

Dear sir

I read your story and your reports.I think you could see a Rheumatologist. Nowadays injections like Infliximab are available for ankylosing spondylitis. you can take an opinion from chennai rheumatologist.

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