Orthopaedics Q&A: Knee pain is common after delivery

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This week’s answers:

Hello sir,

My wife is suffering from knee pain for past few days. She had delivered a
baby around 9 months ago and is taking care of him now.

She is a home maker and She is not involved in any sports/physical activity other than daily household chores and taking care of baby.

Please suggest what could be the reason behind the knee pain when she bends her knees. She is only 24 now.


After delivery knee pain is common. plz ask her to see a physiotherapist and do knee muscle strengthening exercises. she should be alright in a week. If not plz see an ortho surgeon.

Dear Dr.V V Prasad,

Hello, I am 39 yrs. old male.

I feel pain @ knee since last 3 months.

I find two reason for that one is new shoes I wore @ office and another might be as I carry my 3 yrs son to some extend as we go for walking twice a day. I am not sure.

I consult our family doctor and found that I have border line diabetics.

Though I am afraid of arthritis as my mother has recently replaced both her knees.

Kindly advise.


Plz see a physiotherapist and learn to do knee exercises. do them regularly 3 times a day for 15 days. Plz avoid knee bending and standing for long hours.

Dr VV Prasad

Suffering fro low back pain, pain the legs, neck N shoulder pain too. Did a
MRI Scan and it shows:

Right postero-central IV disc protrusion at C5/6 levels causing bilateral exit nerve root compression and bilateral neural recess compromise-R>L Postero-central IVdisc bulge at C6/7 levels causing bilateral exit nerve root compression

Bifrontal tiny flair hyperintensities -? significant Normal Spinal cord. Cervical Osteophytes seen Small hemanginoma seen at DV8 The !V discs at all cervical as well as L3/4 & L4/5 levels show degeneerative signals. There is mild diffuse cntral 1V disc bulge seen at C3/4 & C4/5 levels.

Was advised Physio therapy underwent fr 10 days, doing exercises, as I am Chronic Asthmatic and on inhaler N just diagonized as Diabetic and put on tab Glycomet.. Takes Tablet fr Accidity Razo D and into Menopause and on Iron & folic Acid as diagnonized with Microcytic hypochronic anemiab with mild leucocytosis and mild thrombocytosis.

Still have joint pains etc. heaviness on legs… plas advise.. any medication

Jackie Desouza

What is your age madam? mostly these changes in the spine are age related. you might need physio for longer periods.

Dear Doctor

I am jagadish age 38 when iam playing badminton i slipped. ,as per doctor ACLligament tare in my knee joint .As per his advise i gone under MRI SCAN doctor advise me that to go for operation .but now there is no pain after wearing VISSCO KNEE STRAP FOR1MONTH pls advise me whether i can go operation or any therapy for this problem kindly suggest me.


Plz do knee exercises. give rest in knee strap for 1 more month. if it is paining or unstable or not letting u play then think of surgery. avoid playing for 1 more month.

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