Orthopaedics Q&A: Muscle spasms and more

Orthopaedics expert, Dr VV Prasad answers readers’ questions on bone health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Monday.
This week’s answers:

i am 57 yrs old with severe knee pain. i have heard that there is an injection that can bring relief to knee pain. pl advice.
These injections are just substitutes for the fluid which is naturally there in your knee. If you are having a high grade osteoarthritis then these injections may not help you.

2. dear doctor, my son had a ligament tear while playing on the left foot. he wore plaster for 3 weeks and is fine now. will there be any trouble in future?
Hope you are talking about ankle. These ligament injuries will not cause any problem in the future.

3. hello sir. im getting neck pain in the morning after sleep. not using pillow for last 1 yr. what may be causing this?
Your complaint is typical of muscle spasm. Some physiotherapy will help you.

4.my name harikishen. software field. getting finger pain in right hand in the evning. any tips to avoid this
As long as you are using keyboard you will have some pain. Take long breaks often to avoid overstrain.

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