Orthopaedics Q&A: Osteoarthritis is not genetic

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This week’s answers:

1. I am 37 yrs old working lady, having pain in my both ankles as well as in heel too for the last about five years. For which I got plastered two times but no result still I am having pain due to which I am not able to walk properly. I have taken homeo-medicines, allopathic medicines but there is no result. I am having knee pain too. kindly advise.
And my husband also having pain in his heel and knee. kindly tell some remedy.

Your heel pain may be due to a condition called plantar fascitis. Some physiotherapy and change in foot wear can help you. Sometimes it can also be due to a condition called reactive arthritis. This needs some blood tests to be confirmed. Regarding your husband probably he should be having osteoarthritis again its better to tale an orthopaedic consultation for him.

2. Doctor I had asked you question about my Cervical Vertebra CT Scan Report for which your reply was as under :
For such a CT report its better to see the patient in person and to give my comment. Even then I feel its better you don’t do any exercises. Take some rest. You can try cervical collar during work hours. Raise your monitor and keyboard levels to your eyesight level so that you need not bend your neck every time you want to see the monitor or keyboard
I would like to ask should I stop exercises for the time being or I should not do any exercises at all ever. In addition to that I would like to ask that sometimes I feel tightness in my throat also, pain in my cheeks and slight dull pain in my ear, its not always but sometimes when I have neck pain. Is it all related to my neck problem or sometimes else

Manisha Kapoor
Tightness in throat and ear pain are not due to this. If you feel you are having pain after exercises then its better to stop for a while and then resume once your pain is fully settled.

3. Hello doctor, my mother has osteoarthritis. she is 70 now. i also get knee pain sometimes. is it genetic? is there any way to prevent this?
Arthritis in old age that is OSTEOARTHRITIS is not genetic. You can prevent it by not squatting, not sitting cross legged, avoid standing in a place for long hours and try to avoid climbing stairs.

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