Orthopaedics Q&A: Osteoporosis? What to eat

Orthopaedics expert, Dr VV Prasad answers readers’ questions on bone health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Monday.
This week’s answers:

1. I am Male, 39 years old, I have been detected with severe osteoporosis. I am taking 500 mg Calcium daily once. What other care should I take to correct or stop progress of the condition.
Dr. S.Sudharan
500mg calcium a day will not help. You need at least 1000mg a day. You can add VitD, anabolic steroids and even hormone Calcitonin in your regime. Better ask your doctor about these drugs. Regular exercises, milk & milk products and green leafy vegetables will improve your bone strength in a long run.

2. Sir, im having severe pain in my neck and sometimes it goes up into the head. I work in an IT firm. Pl suggest ways to prevent this pain.
Your complaint looks like you are having some muscle spasm in your neck. You can take muscle relaxants and do some gentle neck exercises. Don’t stare at the monitor for long hours. Give a 5min break every 45min of work.

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