Orthopaedics Q&A: Quadriceps exercise helps reducing knee pain

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This week’s answers:

Dear sir,
My wife is suffering from chronic muscle pain in shoulders,hip,knee,feet joints.She is a diabetic and taking insulin injection for the past four months.
She is not able to walk continuously for more than few minutes,sitting and raising from chir is also problem to her.Even she cannot able to use western toilet.Her weight got reduced tremendously from 75Kg to 53 Kg from last year.The doctors could not diagnosed.she is taking eltroxine for thyroid problem.She is suffering from immobility of shoulders.
She could not able to meet out her daily activities.Frequently she is suffering by diahrea.Muscles got tightened in her hands.Can I get any suggestions to treat my wife.Her age is 48 yrs.
best regards
Christopher peter

I think she must be having frozen shoulder because of diabetes.Wax bath for her shoulders will help.Even in a diabetic patient weight loss from 75 to 53 Kg is not acceptable. Please get a gastro-enterologist opinion.

Hii Sir,
I’m 29 years old and I run Marathon.
I ran Half Marathon (21Km) in Bangalore Midnight Marathon on 15th Dec 2012 but after that Pain has started in both my knees.
While during normal walking I don’t feel any Pain but during running and Climbing Stairs I feel Pain in Knees. The Pain is more when I go down the stairs.
Prior to this 21km Marathon I have done 3-4 10KM Marathons without any problem but I can’t even run now 1KM. Almost 2 Months have passed but the pain is still there.I consulted a doctor who told me that there is minor wear
in both lower knee caps and told me some exercises to do. Please tell me how to get over this Pain, what Precautions to follow, which exercises to do and how much time it’ll take to get perfectly fine. Whether it’ll be perfectly fine and I’ll be able to do marathons or the pain will be there for the lifetime.
Thanks in advance.

Sir I think you are having a knee strain on both knees.
You need to do Quadriceps exercises for both knees for 4 times a day with 4 to 6 hrs gap for a total of 1 month.please avoid squatting and stair climbing whenever possible till your knee pain settles.hopefully it should reduce after proper exercises.

Doctor ,
I am 44 yrs. women and has pain from last 2 yrs in the back of neck which radiated towards left shoulder and hand.
Doing physio it goes off and comes back when i do some bending exercise or lift something heavy. The doctor says i have sopndylytis.
I am attaching my X-ray, pls. confirm .if i am having Spondilytis.
Dean Dcruz

Spondylosis is not evident in the x-ray you have sent. I have received only one half of the x-ray.There should be another x-ray. Its ok. The x-ray available shows an extra rib on the left side.due to that you can have pain in left hand.you should not carry heavy weights or do exercises. Don’t do any neck exercises.take rest often and reduce your work load and strain this will reduce your pain.if you work hard you will get pain.

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