Orthopaedics Q&A: Relieving flat foot pain

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This week’s answers:

1.Sir, from last several months I am getting severe pains in my left leg heel, and I am unable to walk properly, but once starts walking I feel it is not so severe. Can u suggest the suitable remedial measures, to vanish the said pains
I think you have an inflammation of your heel soft tissues. Please keep your feet in hot water at night before bed time. Use MCP or MCR slippers inside and outside your house. If nothing helps then you can take physiotherapy (ie) ultrasound massage of you heel.

2. Hello, I am 34 years old mail and I do have flat foot and my problems have started in last two year or so. I was extremely agile and used to walk around 4 kms everyday before knee, leg, hip and back pain started. I did have slight back pain for few years but generally it was attributed to my working style, posture etc. But off late when other problems surfaced and got aggravated, I started consulting various specialists including orthos and physios. Initially I assumed it could be due to vericose veins, so I consulted a specialist in that area. He out rightly rejected the cause and suggested few exercises. Then I went to orthopedist, who said nothing to worry and just continue
walking/jogging etc. According to him people with flat foot are anyway expected to have these problems. He suggested arch support insoles. I also met one physiotherapist who opined pains are due to flat foot and pronation in right foot after monitoring my gait and walking style. Since you closely work in this area, I hope to see some sort of article on your blog somewhere down the line. My symptoms are as follows.
1. I can walk without an issue for 2-3 kms per day. However problem starts next day onwards. Typically the pain is deep inside right knee. But also I experience pain in calf, sometimes in foot, hip and in back. It may or may not be at same place all the time. Inner part of right knee is normally starting point.
2. If I stand in kitchen for while taking bath without movement for 15 minutes, some of the above symptoms appear.
3. If I take stairs and climb up to 6 floors, most of the above mentioned symptoms appear after 3-4 days.
4. If I walk inside mall for around 1 hour doing just window shopping, most of the problems appear.
5. When above mentioned symptoms are there, if I do car driving with decent usage of clutches and brakes(which are very essential in city) above mentioned problems increase.
However at this stage, if I take rest of about 4-5 days symptoms subside. But me being quite athletic in nature compared to people of my age, this is highly inconvenient.
I have tried various balms, creams etc. They wont help and anyway I understand that they treat only inflammation if at all they can. They never address root cause. I am yet to try arch support shoes or
insoles. At your leisure, try to write back if you have come across people who had these problems. I continue to do some exercises like back foot lifting, picking marbles using toes etc. in order to strengthen foot muscle.But could really flat foot be the reason for all these problems. Off late I have developedsome more symptoms like sharp pain coming and disappearing in other joins such as left ankle left foot toeetc. But this one stays for few seconds and disappears. Last few days I have seen my all teeth turning greenish from root slowly towards tips. These symptoms make me feel that something is wrong with my bones.
Can you help to isolate problems?
These are the common problems with flat foot people. Arch support will not help you. Try loose and comfortable shoes. Take Tab.Carnitine 500mg twice a day for 15 days and then mail us.

3. i am 42yrs male and have undergone hip joint replacement about six months back. Till date i am doing physiotherapy exercise,but still walking with stick. i have lot of stiffness and jamming in my hip.pl suggest remedy.
sanjay kaul
Walking with a stick is normal after replacement. The stiffness will reduce as time goes. Try some hot water fomentation with HOT WATER BAG at bed time – it will reduce your morning stiffness.

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