Orthopaedics Q&A: Remedy for foot injuries

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This week’s answers:

Hello sir

i am 21 year old student my problem is the pain in my hands since last
year. earlier it was only after 3 hours continuous writing during
examinations but it is regular and i do not wish to hold pen anymore and it makes me angry. i consulted the doctor and she suggested me for wax therapy but that did not helped much. some medication was also prescribed but when those medicines were finished pain started again.

pls help bcoz i am a student and i have to write.
priyanka thakur

What i can infer from your complaints is that its probably a radiating pain. if rest can releive your pain you should consult a neurologist.

Sir my mother knee joint liquid dry and doctor advice for knee replacement but she was not ready for operation whether she can use knee calliperif yes which was the good for her.my mother age 62.weight 55kg. Please advice

She can use a walker. nowadays we have special oily injections which is synthetic fluid for the joint. you can replace the fluid alone. it can hold good for some time.

Respected Sir
fracture on 3rd and 4th metatarsals of left leg dated on 13/03/2013 and gone to hospital 18/03/2013 because at the time i am in ship , after ten days of treatment swelling is less , now it starts swelling again what should i do
tablets are CEFIVAL -200,
Thanking you sir
Snehith Ch

Foot injuries always swell for some time. keep your leg in a elevated position whenever possible.it might take even 3 – 4 months for it to settle completely.

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