Orthopaedics Q&A: Tackling gout

Orthopaedics expert, Dr VV Prasad answers readers’ questions on bone health. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Monday.
This week’s answers:

1. I am suffering fro gout since last 5 years, and frequently get attacks. Kindly suggest me is it qureable and what medicines should I take. Should I take some liver and kidney tonics.
You can very well keep your pain under control with latest medicines. Its better to examine you in person and give you a prescription. You need liver & kidney tonics to prevent the side effects of Gout medicines.

2. Dear doctor, i am just beginning to get knee pain in left leg. after physiotherapy, i feel better. what are the dos and donts to prevent this recurrence
Please don’t sit or squat on the floor. Use western toilet. Please don’t stand for long hours.

3. i am 37 yrs old. i work at desk job 10 hours per day. sometimes getting back pain., pl tell me how to avoid it from aggravating.
Sit erect in your chair. Get up every 1 hour and have a walk and then start working. You can learn spinal exercises from a physiotherapist and practise them.

4. sir. you have said osteoarthritis is not genetic. my mother has rheumatism, is that genetic?
You cant call it genetic but it occurs in families

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