Orthopaedics Q&A: Tips for tackling cervical spondylosis

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear DR, I am 33, have increasing general pain in the body, fatigue and lethargy for past 13 years. Total Investigations were done first time this year gave Vit D3 insufficiency(10.3), for which injections were taken. Now I take Shelcal HD and multivitamin daily with a pain killer. No improvement in condition. Ht 5.8, wt 74, non diabetic and had a course of homeopathy for hypertension 130/90, now is 120/80.
Its better you consult an endocrinologist. your problems can only partially be corrected by ortho doctors.

2. Hi Sir, I am 35 year old women having the following symptoms. 1. I am working in computers for the past 1 years
2. I get severe pain in the area back of my neck.This sometimes leads to severe headache in one side and also in the forehead and hurts severely back of my head.
3. My head feels very heavy and I feel that something is holding the head separately.
. This happens only when I start working in the Laptop after 1 hr. After this I should lie down for sometime after applying vicks and then resume to work after that.
. Last week I was also having pain in my Left hand and the wrist. which has reduced now.
I had the habit of talking long hours in the cell phone which I have reduced now. I used to rest the phone on my left shoulder and do other work and talk for hours at a time. So have severe pain in the shoulder. I am feeling comfortable during weekends where I don’t use computers at all. Am I suffering from Arthiritis or Cervical Spondylyses….?

Your complaints are typical of a neck strain. Probably you must be having early cervical spondylosis. Keep the monitor at your eye sight level. Don’t hold your mobile with your shoulders. Avoid too much of neck movements while using a computer.

3. Dear Doctor,am approaching you for help wrt to OA case.I am 49 years old man weighing 78kgs and 169cm. Have no other ailment.have just been detected with OA, rt knee. no medicines have been given as yet as the review is on the 7th.
May I request you for guidance for all remedies other than medicines.

with regards
You should avoid using the Indian style toilet, avoid sitting on floor and standing for long hours. You can walk long distances. Take pain killers as and when required rather than on a regular basis. You can do quadriceps exercises regularly to strengthen your knee muscles.

4. I got fracture in my hip joint 2 Yrs back and was nailed by three titanium screw by the Ortho Surgeon , unfortunately it got external rotation of about 10 degrees and also right leg is longer than left.

I have problem in bending the right leg straight towards my chest and it move outward right side. Walking is somewhat limping.

Pain sometimes for long hours standing and little walking.

PL suggest if it is advisable to go for reconstruction surgery .

Indrajit Goswami
Sir, you need to be investigated. From your history i think we should find out how your femoral head is doing. There is a probability of a vascular necrosis of your femoral head. If it is so, then you might need a total hip replacement.

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