Orthopaedics Q&A: Tips to fight knee pain

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This week’s answers:

Dear Dr VV Prasad I am Abhilash aged of 29 years old…..

I am facing the problem of knee pain for the past 1 year……

when i walk on the road normally i dont get any pain in the knee.
but when i go upstairs  by steps  then i am getting knee pain….that means when my knee is bending then the pain is coming….

this problem has come from 1 year onwards…

previously there no such pain..
i have not met with any fractures to my knee…
i have not fallen down also…

the pain has started automatically with any event of accident or falling down…
i am under the impression that the knee pain has started due to insufficiency of vitamins or proteins….

please suggest any particular food or any exercises to be done…
currently i am going for GYM for the past one month…..
i am doing trad mill and other weight lifting exercises…

i dont get any pain else where of my body while doing GYM….
but if i do cycling then i will get the pain…
but i can manage the pain i will do for 10 minutes….

but later if i climb any steps then again the same pain will come.
please suggest me if anything required to do….
Abhilash Chilukuri

1. Stop treadmill.
2.No cycling.
3.Avoid squatting and sitting in the floor.
4.Stop all exercises that will make you bend your knee.
5.Learn quadriceps exercises and do that 4 times a day for 5 minutes each time for 1 month.
At the end of 1 month please mail us your status.
Before that if you have intolerable pain its better to meet an orthopaedic surgeon.

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