Orthopaedics Q&A: Treating cervical spondylosis

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This week’s answers:

Dear Dr.
My Patient(Age 76 yrs , F ) had a femur breakage which was operated by doctor with a Titanium implant. It was about 5 months . As per the advice the doctor, the patient started to walk very slowly after one and half months after the operation. She was gradually recovering suddenly she was unable to walk . When we contacted the doctor, he informed us that the implant has broken( from the XRAY ) and patient had to go for a hip joint replacement.Please let us know whether it can be Implant problem or the problem on behalf of doctor during operation.

Thanks and Regards
Sudip Acharjee

sir its common at 76 years for an implant to fail.the bones would have been very weak so the implant has given way and broken.however only if I see the x-ray i can give you a correct opinion.

Dear Doctor VV Prasad of Global Ortho Care Clinic.
How are you doing today Sir? My name is samer Mozannar, i’m located in 7319 East Kenmore Drive Norfolk Virginia 23505 USA.I’m attaching a report with this Email about my friend Mr Sameh Al khatib. he’s located in UAE Abu Dhabi.He went to a few doctors in many places (Not in usa) and some of them they said that there is no cure for his case and some said that a surgery may fix it but it may not and it will make it worse.He is diabetic since childhood.I contacted a few doctors over here in (USA), i could not get a straight answer of any of them.Please help, what is the solution in your opinion. Is there is a CURE ? or must Do the surgery? if the Surgery is must, then who i should contact and what kind of a specialist he need ?

Thank you very much indeed, please have a nice day?
Samer mozannar

Sir i think its better to get operated to get a stable foot. I think ur friend is having an unstable foot. Anyways only if i can see the patient i can give a better comment


Name: Abdul Azeez
Age: 42 years

For the last 3 months I have been suffering from cervical spondylosis. first symptoms was right shoulder pain, later it spread to neck pain and arm upto finger.Please advice me the right treatment , habits and foods etc.

Thanking you
Abdul Azeez

You might be benefited by physio. Plz try cervical traction and ift to ur neck.

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