Orthopaedics Q&A: Treating periarthritis

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Doctor, since last three months I am having pain in right lower hand .The pain is not so severe, but when we try to lift something or stretch the hand ,it is paining.
I am 40 years and pure vegetarian .I do not have any other health problems.I do morning walk regularly for 30 minutes
I consulted a doctor and he adviced not to use pillow and given a tablet for one month
He also adviced not to do neck exercise

Please advice me if any thing to do more
With Regards
Your complaints look like you are having a nerve pull or what we call Brachialgia in your Rt upper limb. Please take the prescribed medicines and even then if your pain persists better to have a MRI of your cervical spine done and to go for physiotherapy.

2. i m a diabetic. i am having shoulder pain. i am vegetarian. pl advice.
Diabetic patients are known to have shoulder pain because of muscle stiffness. We call it as Periarthritis of that shoulder. You need anti-inflammatory drugs with some hot water fomentation and gentle exercises.

3. Dear Dr., I am taking Lavanga pattai power in hot water twice a day. also taking a mixed powder of Vendhiyam / Ginger/Nellikkai early in the morning.
I find that the pain has considerably reduced.
Can I have your views?
Thanks & Regards

For what pain you are taking these things? Anyway they are not harmful; if you are relieved of your pain you can stop those medicines.
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