Orthopaedics Q&A: Treating severe neck pain

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This week’s answers:

Hello doctor ….Greetings to you
I need your help this pictures for my mom 50 years old not diabetic not hypertensive no any known chronic disease and she complained from mild lower backache
Dose this pictures has any abnormalities or pathology?|
Thank you
ali hamosh

Di d she have a fall? the images are not that clear to give an opinion.I think she has some right hip pathology!

Dear sir

My name is tanuja, im 35 years old working in mohali punjab

Last few months i am having too much cervical pain in neck and right hand ,(right hand always swelling ).

Kindly let me any home remedies or food diet

Tanuja N

I believe its a radiating pain in your rt hand. please consult your local ortho doctor. some physiotherapy with analgesics might help you.

Dear Prasad Sir,

I got hurt with High Ankle Sprain 2 days back. I am continuously applying Hot and Cold Massage regularly by applying the pain relieving cream. Even I could observe the decrease the in swelling as well gradually now.

Walking is still a pain for me, I mean I couldn’t walk comfortably now. Will it be a good option to do swimming when I am suffering with this pain??

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Kanth Yechuri.

Please see an ortho doctor to confirm you don’t have any hairline fracture. from the story you should be having ligament injury in your ankle. keep ice only. no cream or hot water.

Hi , i m minhaj from pakistan 22 year old male.

Two month ago i have injured my knee in football..but stil it is not fine. My knee was jus twisted and i heard litle crack typ of sound at time of injury. And then i was unable walk .after some day i was able to walk litle bit. But stil my have pain on out side of my left knee. When i bend my knee fully nw then a litle ball type swelling appear at front outside of knee. .my x-ray r normal.. i did tak rest but i m walking on my kne .and it nt gud .


Probably the swelling is outside the knee. take complete rest for a month. it should be a blood clot only. keep ice and take lot of rest. plz do a MRI to rule out any ligament injury in the knee.

Sir/ Madam

please help me, past 2 weeks i was suffering from neck pain, that is also morning time, as soon as i got up from bed , it will be severe. some times night times while sleeping, day time it won’t be much.

please help me

with kind regards

Your pain is most likely due to a muscle catch. use a thinner pillow. ultrasound massage will help you.

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