Orthopaedics Q&A: Treating shoulder joint pain

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This week’s answers:

Hello Dr.prasad.

I, Dr.Altaf Ahmed Khan,from Pakistan, wants to get your help and advice about my shoulder problem. Doctors often skip my statement about start of my problem. and this is the reason to contact you.

One night I was sleeping spreading my left hand over my shoulders..when I awaked in the morning at 4 o’clock, I didn’t feel my left hand. when I was trying to sit , MY LEFT ARM COME IN FRONT BY REVOLVING BEHIND MY BACK WITH NO SENSE OF PAIIN. since then I have a feeling of pain in my shoulders ball & socket joint. and now it is increased. one of physiotherapist has advised me to have icing tikor on the joint lining. along with this my left side muscle of the neck is also pulled last one week ago.

Q1. I have done ice tikor which cause me further pain. should continue this ?
Q2. should I do heat therapy for this ?
Q2. What is the nature of my muscle pull? is it stretched beyond the limit or othewise ? is it needs to contract or relax .

I am taking diclophenic potasium and mafnamic acid as pain killer and applying heat providing balms containing salon’s liniment oil.

Please advice me accordingly.
Thanks and regards
Dr.Altaf Ahmed Khan

Sir, what is your age? Are you diabetic?
A1. Stop ice.
A2. I think heat will help you.
A3. It’s not a muscle pull. It’s the irritation of muscles around your shoulder joint.. You need to do gentle exercises.

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