Orthopaedics Q&A: Treating tailbone dislocation

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This week’s answers:

Hello sir

Dear Doctor

I am 30 yrs old .I am having discomfort pain in my left Knee. it sometimes get worse if i put strain on the knee like lifting something, long walk.. I consulted 3 orthos, 2 physiotheraphysict.The origin of my knee pain is from an injury few years ago.MRI taken , no result of anything.doctors say it might be an inflammation deep down in the knee and they suggest exercise but exercises are not effective either so far. They do not recommend surgery at this age.

Vijayalayan Ramalingam

Its better to examine you and then comment. what was the MRI report. was there any meniscal injury? please scan the report and message.

Dear Sir/Doctor,

I had undergone a surgery in January 2010 for sciatica at advanced stage,when my bladder and toilet movement got affected.further my rectum also prolapsed totally for which I had undergone an operation in July 2010.My nagging leg pain and sleepless nights have gone but still I have a residual pain left in the left leg.sometimes my left heel also experiences severe needle like pain.(not always).I am slightly limping on my left hand side.people who have noticed me ask me why I am limping.

I do not have the stabbing pain on my back which I used to have before surgery,nor sleepless nights,only left heel is always feeling heavy, left thigh slightly numb & I am slightly limping.Please advise.


Sir if you are having bowel and bladder involvement before surgery then your’s is a serious issue.I am happy to hear that you are walking. that limp can be because of the muscle weakness in your left lower limb.

please do exercises regularly you have a better chance of improvement in due course. after undergoing such a big surgery with so many pre-operative complications a little pain now is a very good result. this pain can be taken care of by pain killers and regular exercises.


After a hard sitting on floor, I was diagnosed with Tail Bone dislocation on my back in Nov 2012.I was advised medication and avoidance of certain activities for four weeks.

During the course of the treatment and recuperation I did not experience any localised pain after two days on the point of impact. However I continued to have pain on both my feet as and when I was standing for more than few minutes in a single posture.

After sometime, that also vanished and I started my routines in the middle of FEB. But for the past two days I have started experiencing the same pain in both my feet.

Any advice on the further course of action
s dhamodaran

Near the tail bone or above that we have a lot of nerves that come to the legs. your pain looks like a radiating pain to the leg and heel. better consult an ortho doctor in person.

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