Orthopaedics Q&A: Treatment for tennis elbow

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This week’s answers:


I am 47. Off late i have started getting tennis elbow. (Only now for the past 6 months i am playing tennis). I am unable to play tennis for a long time, because of the pain in my elbow. This pain is also affecting in my other activities i.e in the sense i am not able to left usual weights in the normal course of my daily activities.

My BP & Sugar levels are quite normal.
Request to kindly advice.
Thanks & Regards,

Rest Rest Rest is the only answer for tennis elbow. You can take some analgesics and some physiotherapy in the form of ultrasound massage.

Hello sir,

My self vishal patel from surendranagar,gujarat. My wife having a problem right hand solder paining since 3-4 years. When she goes for exercise, pain reduced and sometimes it could painless.

But last six months she having very much pain. We consult Mr Dilip Patel,( MB, MS) paldi,ahmedabad. According to him adviced we done MRI CERVICAL SPINE in ahmedabad. According to him report is normal. He diagnosis RT BRACHIALGIA (Category-PANEO). He adviced her some execise twise a day. He also prescribed us some tablets (NUCOXIA P & GAPAPIN ME. According to him continue this exercise for 6 months and if it will not ok, then after operation should be done.Now a days exercise is continu but pain is remain much and (HATHI ME SUJAN) is apear.

We consult meny doctors these 3-4 yeas including MS AND SPINE SURGEN).
But we find no proper reason why these happen.

Please help us .
Thanks & regards
vishal Patel

Sir in a layman’s term its called as a nerve pull of the right hand. You can try physiotherapy in the form of cervical traction and IFT.

Dear DR,

I have developed very bad knee pain by running in treadmill. I wanted to lose weight, since am obese and dint care about the knee pain. Now am not able to even balance on left leg for 5 mins and not able to even sit on floor for a short time.

Kindly advise on some relief. Am thinking to do yoga, but afraid whether it would worsen my pain.

Thank You!!

Suganthi M

What is your age? even before treadmill do u have this pain??
keep some ice on to ur knee twice a day and avoid sitting on the floor and standing for long hrs for 10 days.

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